Announcing Flagships for Chimera 2016

Announcing first flagship for Chimera 2016:
We happy to announce that we are re-running Achaen - written by Nasia Alevizos, Nick Cole, and Alasdair Sinclair.

The Trojan prince Paris has spirited away the most beautiful woman in
the world, Helen of Sparta from her husband Menelaus. With the support
of his brother Agamemnon he has summoned all of the kings and heroes of
Greece to gather at Aulis. From there the greatest fleet the world has
ever seen will set forth for Troy to avenge this insult and return Helen to her husband’s side.

High atop Mount Olympus, the Gods watch intently. Even though Zeus has
forbidden any direct interference, they conspire to advance the cause of
their favoured scions and worshippers in the coming war. In the
shadows, dark forces take advantage of their distraction to set their
own plots in motion.

Watch this space for the other awesome flagship being newly written fro Chimera 2016.


Announcing the second flagship for Chimera 2016:
‘Humanity has
found itself in the centre of a war for Galactic Supremacy. Thinking
they were alone, the Terran Federation expanded ceaselessly into the
depths of space, only to find that they were anything but. On one
border stretches the expansionist Novan Empire, who up until recently,
have been taking world after world with no thought for their native
populations. On the other, the United Republic of Free Planets - standing
in defiance of the Empire, but sacrificing their own cultures on the
pyre of Unity. The Terran Federation can tip the balance in one
direction or another, and so, on a small world in neutral space,
diplomats, warlords, scientists and criminals all Converge - seeking the
best way forward for them and theirs. Who will live? Who will die?
And who will reign ascendant in the wars to come?’
Convergence is an original Sci-Fi Flagship LARP for 50-60 players.
Written for Chimera 2016 by Rowena Knill, Reuben Strom, Alistair Kirkby
and Dave Luxton

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