Angels in the Fog

From the desk of Levi Montgomery

I wish to thank all those who have listed their names for attending the event at Pier Seventeen in April. My staff have finished putting names to faces (a difficult task, as some of you have quite new faces), and we shall be sending personalised invitations within the next few days. These invitations will include a little information about the dress code for the event, as well as some local information for those that are new to Fog City. After this, however, it may be some time before complete information on your goals and acquaintances is available. We encourage you to be patient, but also to feel free to ask by return mail or holomessage if there is any specific information you require to know.

Kind regards,

The Private Eye, Walter Bradbury - Norman Cates
The New Cop, Michael Ley - Sam Blood
The Jaded Cop, Jillian Nyman - Nasia Alevizos
The Fireman, Eric Delaine - Malcolm H
The Rising Starlet, Zoe Adams - Philippa McLoughlin
The Failed Writer, Sam Cooper - Steph Cybart
The Fading Dame, Iona Jones - Leslie Sanderson
The Screenwriter, Gallagher Jones - Daniel Atkins
The Musician, Martha Malone - Steph Pegg
The Shady Bartender, Tyler Evans - Elle Keen, possibly
The Salesman, Sophia Freeman - Barbara MacKenzie
The Reporter, Gail Green - Naomi Guyer
The Gemologist, Lisa Petersen - Nik Crombie
The Businessman, Rebecca Harland - Donna Giltrap
The Hotel Manager, Steve Rigby - Paul Wilson
The City Architect, Allie Keyworth - Rebecca Harris
The Foreign Ambassador, Yuki Okawa - Hannah Jackson
The Bodyguard, Paula Queensyde - Zara Webb-Pullman

I’m thinking Gotham colouring, but with more art-deco lines. The indented building style will allow more light to streets during the day, but still allow for dark terrifying alleyways at night. A few overhanging arches will allow the city to be err, 'scuse me, I have the request here… be “claustrophobic and close” and also to allow the buildings to “loom menacingly” despite the extra space. Various statues can be added later, though I have taken the liberty of setting aside some specific spaces for ones that can provide concealment for detectives, spies, assassins etc. I suggest making sure these statues are stone and have disapproving or impassive expressions.

If you’d rather the city felt like it was constantly in the gloom of twilight, adjustments can be made.

The character sheets have been sent (three times, apparently)! If you have any questions, I will happily answer them after I’ve slept.

I’d like to put in a request for more natural light.

I’ll discuss your request with the designer… when we have one.