And now we're in the dictionary

“LARP” (note caps) is now in the Mirriam-Webster dictionary:

I know lots of UKanians are picky about the caps, whereas we don’t seem to care.


Broad generalisation: “LARP” in the US, “larp” in Europe, and “LRP” in the UK.


Out of curiousity, where in Europe did you see that? I’ve only ever seen “larp” here.

LRP (live role playing) is common in the United Kingdom. Fantasy campaigns with live combat in particular seem to often use LRP in the UK, although I think there’s a gradual transition to the more internationally common “LARP” or “larp”.

Examples of “LRP” in some of the biggest UK fantasy games:

Pretty sure the Lorien Trust game “The Gathering” used to use LRP, but they seem to have a mixture of LARP and “Live Role Playing” now:

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I meant where you’ve seen lower-case “larp” in Europe, actually. I’ve only ever seen the upper-case version. (Or abbreviations in French, which is not what we’re looking at…)

Oh, good point I’ve mostly seen it from Nordic countries, because they’re so active in a international larp talk community. They have local language terms like “laiv” but seem to mostly use “larp” when talking about it in English.

French I’ve mostly seen GN for “Jeu de rôle grandeur nature” - full scale roleplay?

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In Germany, DrachenFest uses “Larp” and Conquest of Mythodea uses “LARP” so I guess there’s a mix?

Yeah, probably. Nouns are capitalised in German, so that’d be a natural thing to do.

:smiley: I think “laiv” is just a transliteration of “live”…!

The French term, well… Grandeur nature seems to mean something like ‘actual size’ so it’s probably that, yes. As opposed to the smaller scale you get at the D&D table I think.

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Yup it just means “live” but they use it the way we use “larp”. “Going to a laiv” etc.

It seems to be:
Sweden - lajv
Norway - laiv (or levende rollespill)
Finnish - larppi
Danish - larp?

But they generally use “larp” in English.