And All That Jazz

Guest list

Boss Betsy Carlisi - Hannah
Francesca Carlisi - Stephanie
Lefty - Daniel
Rowan - Theo
Don Tony Torrio - Nick
Tallulah Torrio - Uncast
Johnny Twothumbs - Luke
Patrick Torrio - Vanya
Father Stone - Alex
Reverend Chad - Uncast
Lord Ignatious Betram the Third - GENTLEMAN ADVENTURER! - Thomas
Amy Geddon - Daphne
Nancy ‘Nana’ Geddon - Donna
Melody Starling - Mel
Paul Getz - Frank
Detective Noir - Scott
Richard P’ganda - Ben
Madame Svetlana - Stacy
Acolyte Seraphina - Catherine
Acolyte Angelus - Uncast
Wallace Wordsmith - Russ
Trixi Bellmont - Melissa
Terry Bellmont - Uncast

Unfortunately four of our guests are down with the flu and do not seem to be able to make the party. We hope that this situation will change.

The unobtrusive staff
Steph & Bex