An Ecumenical Matter 2020

A comedy of priests, nuns, satanists, and tea.

An Ecumenical Matter is a light-hearted theatre-style larp for 16 players, published by Peaky Games. It was loosely inspired by the TV series “Father Ted”, “Nuns on the Run” and similarly daft movies about religion. Set in the diocese of Peaky-in-the-Sea (consisting of Rocky Island, Stony Island and Pebbly Island), An Ecumenical Matter is an irreverent religious themed game involving priests, nuns and one geographically dislocated archbishop.

A word of warning… An Ecumenical Matter is not for the easily offended. It contains drinking, comedy satanists, unfaithful priests and references to unchaste activities.

Gender of characters: 10 male to 6 female, but cross dressing is strongly encouraged.

When: 3 October 2020, 1pm
Where: Petone Community House, 6 Britannia St, Petone
How much: $20, $15 for NZLARPS / VUWGC / SAGA members or new larpers
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I…may have just signed up for this at Wellygeddon yesterday. :smiley:


Well, you still need to fill out the casting form linked above (and which I’ll email you about later when I start doing post-Armageddon admin). But mentally, a space has been reserved.

This was getting a reasonable amount of attention from people I talked to, so it seems comedy was a good choice.

There are 5 sign ups so far on the internet form (I haven’t seen the Armageddon list). Be good to see you!

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I’ve got four on the Armageddon list (plus any who signed up yesterday afternoon). I was planning to contact them later today / this evening.

I’m working on it! I just sent off the form. After I decided I didn’t want to worry about favourite sins and probably should just give you a quick hint about the sort of character I’d like to play instead. :smiley:

What are the current player numbers for this?

It was 10 this morning. I haven’t tried casting yet.

Hi everyone,

This is your last call for signing up to An Ecumenical Matter. Currently I need another 5 players for the game to be viable. (I’ll make the go/no go decision on Wednesday.)



You haven’t called it off, does that mean it’s on?

Unfortunately, we’ve only got 13 players, and one person has said she might not be able to make it.

I’m going to call it as not going ahead, unfortunately - but we still have a room booking, so do people have thoughts on something larp related they’d like to instead? Or just have a shared afternoon tea and hang out, because everyone’s social lives have taken a hit. :slight_smile:

(Sorry for the delay, been a combination of business and IT problems.)

Ah, shame. :frowning: But what’re ya gonna do…

I’d be up for doing something sociable in the room. How about afternoon tea for those that just want to chill and a bit of writing for those that don’t?

I had thought of offering a smaller game if this fell through, but given the way Covid is going, I’m not sure if its worth investing any effort in. At this stage, I may have to cancel “Miss Maypole” as well, because I’m not willing to run in level 2.

(If I have to do that, I’d try and punt till December. But its showing just how difficult it is to plan anything ATM)

So, Miss Maypole is going ahead. If you want to use the space early, get in touch so we can talk about key pickup. Otherwise I’ll get my normal person to do it, and just use it for the evening game.

I haven’t had confirmation that the social thing is actually happening. Is it?

I have no idea. It is if you say it is?

(I hadn’t been planning on attending because I need to psychologically prep to run the game)

No, not really. It’s Stephanie’s call. I’m not sitting in that room by myself for three hours when I could be at home with my cats instead.

So far the only person who’s said they’re interested is you, unfortunately. So, no plans to take up the room booking.


Ah, that’s a shame. But good to know either way… Thanks!

I’ll arrange for my person to pick up the key