Age of the Argent Game 1: CANCELLATION NOTICE

Hey folks,

Thanks for your interest in Age of the Argent. We’ve been so excited to build this world and to fit your characters into it. We wanted to build a world that was familiar, yet different; a world that reacts to your actions and changes the way that you experience a larp world. We think AotA has the potential to do this still.

Unfortunately, our crew numbers never quite reached what we envisioned. In order to run the game the way we would have liked, we needed more crew members to commit. We believe that running the game we want to with fewer crew is definitely possible, but this will require a significant rework to our mechanics and the structure of the game. It would require players to build characters differently and for the game to take a more linear approach that doesn’t sync well with what we’ve already developed. Because players and GMs both invest a lot of time, money and effort into a LARP, we don’t want to create and run something that you (and we) are not happy with.

At this time, we aren’t able to run, or rewrite, Age of the Argent to the standard that we initially wanted, so we are, unfortunately, cancelling the game in October. However, this is not goodbye - we will be taking time to rewrite the game into a format that we think would be better overall for the story we want to tell, and offering it again at a better time.

This has been a really difficult decision to make, and we’re really disappointed that it came to this, but we think it will be better for everyone if we take a step back from running the game in October, and try to realign what we can feasibly deliver with what we want to deliver.

LilRegie tickets, and any amounts paid via invoices will be refunded in full by the end of August at the latest.

We’re really sorry to those who were excited for this game, to those who were preparing costumes or who have bought flights or any other prep you were undertaking. We would have loved to give you a great game; unfortunately we don’t think we can at this point and we don’t want to deliver a sub-par game when we have the opportunity to take some more time and deliver a more optimised game.

Thank you for your patience, your enthusiasm, and your understanding.

Ascria will be back, in one way or another.

Your GMs,

Amanda and Gecko

Damn. Sorry it all fell through.