Age of the Argent #01: The Stained Heritage

Part 1:
Saturday 5th October 2019, 3-11pm
Alberton Estate, Mt Albert, Auckland

It’s the last evening in the Time of the Golden Gardens, and people from all over Ascria have flocked to the central fortress to celebrate the year that has passed and welcome in the new. But a quiet unrest is beginning to build; a storm on the horizon. Will you build bridges or tear them down? Will you prosper at the expense of others or seek to protect them from the dangers of the world? The people are largely on edge, but many are determined to enjoy the festivities as normal. Whether they can is up to you.

OOC information:
Supper will be provided. This is a dry event and there is to be no smoking anywhere on the premises, or stiletto heels worn inside.

Limited car parking is available on site, with the rest of it on the road, and we request that participants organise their own car pooling or transport where possible.

Part 2:
Sunday 6th October 10am-6pm
Totara Park, Manukau, Auckland

Reeling from the events of the night before, the people of Ascria band together to resolve the looming problems.

OOC Information:
Lunch will be provided. This is a dry event and in a public park.

Tickets: Available on Lilregie, at this link (use the password “Argent01” to access them)

Player, non-NZLARPs member, both days: $90
Player, NZLARPs member, both days: $80
Crew, both days: $50
Player single day pass: $50
Crew single day pass: $30

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