After Embers?

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Embers has recently announced the date of their fourth event. They’ve also announced that the campaign will last for five events, and will conclude sometime in 2019. Which means that there’ll be a weekend-long campaign-shaped gap in the Wellington larp calendar.

So, what comes next? It takes 6 months to a year (or longer) to work up a weekend-long campaign, so the time to start succession-planning is now.

Will Age of Argent be a suitable replacement, or are they looking at non-weekend game formats?

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@mandersnz? @geekariffic?

Turns out when you get mentioned, you get an email about it to come check it out! Technology is wild!

We aren’t specifically looking at non-weekend formats, but we are toying with the idea of a campaign that isn’t completely weekend games. That being said, weekend games are the most viable since the GM team is split over Auckland and Wellington, and we’d like to make the flights worth it for the person who has to fly to the other. That being said, the idea has been floated for day games run by a single GM, so it’s possible.

But Argent isn’t going to be a solely one-city campaign, so it’s likely there’ll still be a regular weekend-shaped hole in the Wellington calendar anyway.


I did not get a shiny email cries

But yes, embers is wrapping up a little sooner than we expected but we are hoping to fill that hole where we can.
The nature of the games will probably be dependent on available locations fwiw

I may have my Warhammer 40k inspired LARP ready by then. Maybe…


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