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This is the place to post larp events that you are running, if you would like them to be listed on the site (which is operated by NZLARPS).

The purpose of is to give potential new larpers in New Zealand the easiest possible introduction to larp, including funneling them towards events that are especially friendly to new larpers. Not all larp events will be suitable to be listed on the site, and at any time we only expect 1 or 2 events in any city that are coming up in the next couple of months to be listed.

Events are listed on the Signup page:

Note that the “sign up now” button links to a Google Drive registration form for the event. We would prefer that events listed on have a signup form, to make registration as easy as possible for new people.

To propose a larp to be listed please post below with the following details:

Signup form URL
Game master email
Web page for event/campaign (if any)
Link to rules document (if any)
Costume notes / what to bring

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Hey could you add my game, its definitely suitable for newbies

Name: Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow
Date: 29th March
Time: 1 pm
Location: Western Springs Lakeside Park
Signup form URL: … I/viewform
Game master email:
Cost: $10
“Hear ye, hear ye! In honour of a royal visit from his highness Prince John, the Sherriff of Nottingham ‘as announced an archery contest where any citizen, high or low, may try his luck to win the prize of a golden arrow!”

England, 1190. King Richard has gone off to crusade in the holy land, leaving his lands in the hands of his younger brother, Prince John, an evil tyrant. The land is a dangerous place, the towns ruled by the likes of the loathsome Sheriff of Nottingham, the forests crawl with bandits. It’s risky to leave your homes at all, but the chance at winning the golden arrow is too good to pass up (and an opportunity to rub elbows with royalty wouldn’t go amiss).

Rumour has it the infamous outlaw Robin Hood might be crashing the party too. Come and join in the festivities, they’re bound to be a lark (if you like espionage, kidnapping, true love, cross-dressing, the occasional assassination and such shennagins).

It is run like a theatreform game, however the combat is live using larpsafe weapons, and the game centres around an actually archery contest (bow and arrows provided). Costume is Medievalesque (dark-ages for the more historically inclined)

its official I will be running the game on the Saturday 29th of March, 1pm at Western Springs, details to follow about exactly where in the park.

I’m running it as a fundraiser for NZLARPS so the cost will be $10 per person, some drinks will provided.

First in first served. Something to keep in mind is that the gender ratio is 8 females and 11 males, although I am willing to allow cross dressing/changing gender if I can’t get enough of either.

Costume notes: Medievalesque

Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow added, thanks Prema.