A Wing and a Prayer

Larp Experience has a post about A Wing and a Prayer, a larp about WAAF intercept controllers during the battle of Britain:

Its a larp about work, a particular type of work, but the core play experience is doing a job under stress. There’s stuff in the article about how they designed it (again, it starts from “cool moments we would like to see”, and everything follows from that), and how they pillaged the techniques of Nordic larp and added them to the UK larp tradition. I’d love to see more detail about all of this, but given the “no spoilers” warning, it sounds like they’ll be running it again.

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That sounds super interesting

Fun fact: One of the writers officiated the LARP wedding Amber and I had IC.

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There’s some more information about this game here (warning: includes spoilers):

Tag-based character design could be useful as a hybrid between player and GM-created characters. And the dogfight system has obvious applications to e.g. a Star Wars or BSG game.

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It’s an interesting read, and links to many other articles with further thoughts on the process which are worth reading too. I wouldn’t mind trying the tag-based design at some point, but it probably involves a lot of work since you end up writing characters after players have signed up, and it requires a little back-and-forth between GMs and players. Could possibly test it with a smaller game first. The stuff about leaving gaps and using in-world documents as the “character sheets” is neat too, and something I’ve considered in the past but never found the right place for.