A Pattern Language for Larp

This is cool - it uses the idea of design patterns as a way of talking about the deep structure of games - ie this is a common problem, here are some ways to deal with it, plus examples.
Pattern Language for Larps


Agree, this is really cool. The pdf makes me wish these were all webpages, or some sort of filterable isotope like layout so I could pick and choose. :slight_smile:

Tried reading this but couldn’t get through the amazing use use of terminology. Way too dense and pseduo-intellectual (or maybe just plain intellectual and I’m dum) for me :frowning:

Ignore the terminology and pay attention to the practical stuff: how room layout affects conversation size (and therefore plotting), how many things people can remember, how much effort it is for various types of play. Also temperature manipulation.

This is a great read, some novel thinking and cross-use of concepts from other disciplines in there. Not perfect or complete, but very worthwhile.