A Night at Northcott Manor (spoiler-free)

This game was written and run by Ian Bayard, and played at our convention over the weekend. Photos are here.

The theme was a masquerade ball in regency-era London, with the interesting element that few people knew each others’ real identities! This made scheming a risky proposition as you had to make sure you were actually talking to the person you were intending to, yet you couldn’t achieve your goals without trying your luck. Overall a lot of fun.

Ian has run this once before, but it was long enough ago that most of us hadn’t played it. I’ve avoided spilling any details in case he runs it for anyone else.

It. Was. Awesome.

Nuff said :smiley:

It’s possible this is the one he ran in 2002/2003? It sounds similar. :slight_smile:

Yeah that would be about right - Apparently Robin Sheat helped him run it, if that helps jog your memory any :slight_smile:

Was there a group of poets competing? :smiling_imp:

Yep :smiling_imp: I ended up taking one of them to Paris with me, then on to Vienna. Good times!

Ahh… memories.