A milestone

Checking the “Users” dialogue, I see that Diatribe has had a hundred people log in in the past week. Its been climbing steadily since the upgrade, but this is the first time its hit this level.


According to our graphs, the 29th of June was our most popular in the past month (but not necessary for logged in users). Also possibly our most popular week, all up (this counts all visitors, not just those who login).

The past week has had 161 unique visits.
23-30 June got 210.

Actually these graphs are pretty cool…

Here’s the data: January - 22 July 2016 (1.7 KB)


Here’s hoping it’s the start of a general upward trend. Personally, on the whole I really miss the days when Diatribe was popular. Felt like there was more of a cohesive community back then.

The more people talk here, the more people will be attracted to use it.

Which reminds me that I have some posts to make.

Agree. I get why the community basically moved to facebook, but it is a series of closed communities, rather than a single open one, and there’s little in the way of history. Its almost a real time thing, and its easy to miss a lot.

Real time is sometimes useful, and there are specific people I want to contact there sometimes (e.g. my recent post about “what do I write for GameWrap” went to facebook rather than here precisely because there were US larpers I wanted to see it). But I really need to make the effort to put stuff here, rather than falling into the trap of putting it on Facebook where I’ll never be able to find it again if I need to.

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Oh that’s great to see! Diatribe has seemed quieter to me since the upgrade, but I’ll admit that for some reason even though I am generally not change-resistant when it comes to websites, I visit Diatribe a lot less than I used to!