A message from the new Consequence GM team

Howdy (again) Pardners!

We’re very excited to help facilitate the return of Consequence! We look forward to picking up the story where it left off and seeing your fabulous characters and real-life selves once again. The first thing we’d like to do is get a sense of who is keen to return as a player or crew member. We’d appreciate it if you could let us know your intentions by filling out this short survey:

At the moment, the plan is to stick to the player cap of 44 spaces, with existing players guaranteed a spot in the game. If all player spaces are full, you can join the wait list or join our wonderful crew. Please note that game 3 will be the last opportunity for new characters to join so we can create the best experience possible for players. We may reassess this depending on player and crew availability and will let you know if there are any updates to this policy.

Once we get an understanding of our participant base we’ll gather feedback from folks who intend to return. We want to know what plots and stories you’re excited to dive back into, and what experiences you’re craving. It’s been a minute since we’ve last played, so we recommend talking with others in your faction and fellow players about what y’all were doing last game.

At the same time we’ll be working through a transition period with the original GM team and getting ourselves familiar with the resources and material available to us. We’ll keep everyone posted about timelines and when we think we might be ready to run game 3. To ensure we reach everyone regardless of their platform of choice, key announcements and logistical information will be made:

Lastly, if you think you might be interested in joining the GM or logistics teams please contact us at consequencelarp@gmail.com. We’re still assessing our needs here but it’d be good to know who to approach if we have spots to fill!

All the best, Jackie & Regan Consequence GM team - redux

(See the announcement from original GM team here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/762765644058598/posts/2150747245260424)