A message from the Consequence GM team

Howdy, partner!

It’s been a while since you heard from us. The pandemic caused more than a few kinks in our plans to deliver five games of rootin’ tootin’ cowboy times, and it’s been a good few years since we locked away the ready-to-go third game under an indefinite hiatus. Even after all this time, the legacy of this game has endured. The passion’s been kept alive in not only our hearts, but in the hearts of many participants as well.

So, with no small amount of ado, we’re happy to announce that Consequence is going to be reopening its doors!

We were ready to run the game as-is three years ago, but things have significantly changed since then, so there’ll be a significant change to the GM team: please give your warmest howdy to Jackie and Regan, who’ll be spearheading the future of Consequence! They reached out to us to see if there’d be a way they could help get the old girl back on her feet, and we’ve been having productive conversations.

The game as you knew and enjoyed it will not completely change. The new GMs were players who loved the game enough to volunteer to run it, and most of the original team will be sticking around in some capacity, either as story consultants, writers, crew, or other helping hands. We are confident that in the new GM team’s capable hands, we can all return to yeehaw times and finish this gosh darn tootin’ thing the way we dreamed!

We understand too that attendees we had previously may not be in a position to return for various reasons. Regardless, we want to thank everyone who had attended the game we had run before, especially to crew members who contributed hugely behind the scenes.

The game would not have been the same without you. It meant a lot to us, and it’s very humbling to have an enthusiastic player base even after all these years.

Thanks for walking that old winding road with us, partner. We’ll be seein’ you soon, and you will be hearing from the new GMs shortly!