A game for March?

Currently we have nothing running in Wellington in march. Does anyone want to offer anything?

Looking at the planning calendar, the optimum dates are March 7 or 14, to give good spacing with Cerberus and Saga.

Things I could potentially offer:

  • Property & Propriety - AKA “Regency Downton Abbey II”. 13-15 players, and ran at Hydra last year, so may be difficult to fill.
  • Good Society - more Regency. Needs either 8, 10, or 12 players, depending on the playset used, and does not cope with odd numbers. Some limited workshopping required.
  • Under the Mountain - An Italian fantasy game about a group of knights, their dead king, and the People Under The Mountain. Needs exactly 6 players.

Any preferences or other offers?

If The Star of Bethlem goes well at KapCon I could rerun it in March. It’s 6 players and 3 of my KapCon players are from out of town, so with any luck there’d be enough interest from people who haven’t played it yet :slight_smile: