A Dead Man's Chest - Game Report (spoiler free)

I ran A Dead Man’s Chest at the second OURS roleplaying Tournament last weekend (specifically on the night of Saturday 14th). Hilarity generally ensued, with everyone having a good game (as far as I know…)

Not having a tropical island to work with, we made do with a medium-sized lecture room at the Commerce building. Although not especially island-y, it did allow me to utilise the computers there so the game had a soundtrack to play in the background (side note: there is a file on YouTube which is 10 hours of rain. W.T.F.)

The first part of the game was spent mostly by characters getting to know each other better, quite often with little pairs of people having “private chats” (those who have played the game will know why :wink: ). The two pirate crews stayed pretty much together and shenanigans were attempted by a few.

The game really picked up about an hour in when it was decided that the volcano needed some sacrifices… plans were hatched and carried out, but a timely intervention saved the would-be sacrificees. After that it appeared all bets were off and the fighting began in earnest. Deals were made, counter-deals were made and broken, secrets were revealed left right and centre and after the dust cleared it was Alice Tremain who came up with the treasure, immediately jumping ship to join Black Jack McCracken. Basically everyone else (bar the natives) spent a good 10 minutes fighting over the other ship before an agreement was reached (in which Nancy got to keep her ship!) and they too sailed off into the sunset in pursuit of the treasure.

Special mention goes to Blaise Richelieu, who spent basically the whole game trying to get her hands on a sword and then when she did immediately lost her first duel… :laughing:

Thanks to all the players; they really got into character and costume - it was a fun game to watch and evidence, uh, photos will hopefully be appearing on the Book of Faces sometime soon.


Pics of the larp have been posted on Facebook: The album is public so you (yes, you!) should be able to see them :slight_smile:

Click me, ya lilly livered landlubber!

(Photos taken by phone in a room with poor lighting… but they get the idea across :slight_smile: )
Thanks to Angus for posting them up :smiley: