4 Sleeps!

4 Sleeps to Chimera! So excited, even if I still have put together some of my costumes and write some other documents for my game.

Chimera is always one of the highlights on my year :smiley:

I believe that its traditional to wildly flail one’s arms like a muppet at this stage.

Costumes are sorted. One game has been stuffed, the other is being done tonight. Wellington posse almost completely organised. Just a few tweaks and props to complete.

So appropriate considering my game this year :smiley:

I’m sort of in this year with a kind of grim enthusiasm: I’m trying to work my sleep cycle back to a regular time so that I can be functional for my morning games, and it’s not really working. Starting work on costumes today, but at least I’m reasonably confident that I have most of what I need.

Today I got my Seeker boots back from being resoled with combat grip. Hoping that will save me from another slippery death! Also bought 1.5m of shaggy fake fur. Contemplating a facial hair purchase. So yep, I’m feeling the Chimera.

Its tonight! All I have to do is chop up my name badges and stuff them into the envelopes and then I am set for the Muppets tonight… of course then I have to pack for the rest of the convention, but at least I’m pretty much ready for tonight :smiley: So excited!