33AR: Welcome Home - Success!

33AR: Welcome Home was a huge success by all accounts from people we have talked to!

Thank you to all the crew who played many different characters and were wailed on by the players while menacing them. Thank you also for all your ideas and sensible advice over the weekend, and helping to bring the Isle of Skye to life!

Thank you to our wonderful cook, who kept everyone well fed and nourished for the entire weekend! We would have wasted away without you!
Also a big thank you to all the players who came along. We had great fun toying with your backstory, and providing reactions to your decisions the entire weekend! Without you, the refugee camp would be very empty.

Currently we have yet to organise all the logistics of the next session, as we are still recovering from the last one.
It will likely be in March 2013, but we have to do things like check with the venue for which weekends are free, when the cook is free, create a rough budget for the next session, and recover from the last one.

We’ll let you know as soon as we have the logistics sorted out!

I’d like to offer my thanks to everyone for a great weekend too :slight_smile:

GM’s for writing and organising, Scott for all his hard work getting all the gear together, the crew for giving up their weekend so we can spend some time in the world of a steam punk apocalypse.

Everyone that helped with setting up and breaking down the taverna, many hands make light work as they say :slight_smile:

Also all the players for great interactions and of course my ‘family’ of gypsies and all those connected to them (which I think is starting to get close to being almost everyone!!!).

Thank you again everyone, and how amazing is it to finally have a campaign game in Wellington!!!

See you at the next one.

What Bryn said. I had an amazingly immersive weekend. Thanks to everyone involved in that. :slight_smile:

I miss The Travelers Rest/Flints Taverna pretty badly. And all the Gypsies, Jack, Aura, Paddles, Ester North, the wildly insane folk what died horribly, the forest folk, and everyone else I interacted with. Wow. That was amazing.

I had a wonderful time! I’m am REALLY looking forward to the next session. Everyone involved in making this weekend happen was amazing, ask anyone.

Thanks heaps crew you were amazing - thanks especially for letting me shoot you! Zombies for the win!!!

I’ll add my voice of thanks to the GMs and crew for making it so great. You certainly kept things interesting and unexpected!