33AR: Harvest Moon - Reg & Paid (Updated: 27-9-13)

This is a record of everyone who has registered and/or paid for the third session; Harvest Moon. This will be updated periodically, but we encourage you to check your email for a reply if you are wondering whether your registration or payment has been recorded.

If you still haven’t registered, and would like to attend, we suggest you register using this link.

Current Attendee Totals
Crew: 21 (not including the GMs)
Players: 24
Player Cap: 30

[ul]Alex Becker [payment received]
Alison Mackay [payment received]
Alistair Nicholson [payment received]
Amanda Alderson [payment received]
Anthony Doornebosch [payment received]
Bryn Jones [payment received]
Chris Rosedale [payment received]
Courtney Parnell [payment received]
Daena Dixon
Daniel Atkins [payment received]
Eniko Kirkby
Frank Pitt [payment received]
Fraser Peat
Gwynedd Koop [payment received]
Hannah Kerr [payment received]
Jaron Peek [payment received]
Jessica Casbolt [payment received]
Joshua Malcolm [payment received]
Julia Collinson [payment received]
Juliet Thomborson [payment received]
Leonie Reynolds [payment received]
Lisa Aronson [payment received]
Lucy Brychkova [payment received]
Luke Smylie [payment received]
Malcolm Harbrow [payment received]
Merlin Sunset [payment received]
Michael Foster [payment received]
Nick Pitt [payment received]
Nik Crombie [payment received]
Norman Cates [payment received]
Oliver Spicer [payment received]
Peter Cadle [payment received]
Prema Cottingham [payment received]
Rebecca Harris [payment received]
Rosie Simmons [payment received]
Russ Kale [payment received]
Sam Bellamy
Sam Malcolm [payment received]
Sarah Daymond [payment received]
Sarah Foote [payment received]
Sarah Lyne [payment received]
Scott Kelly [payment received]
Snow Downey [payment received]
Sohini Morrison [payment received]
Sophie Melchior [payment received]
Steph Cybart [payment received]
Tanya Nendick [payment received]
Teresa [payment received][/ul]

[UPDATE] Also, a gentle reminder that if you registered and can’t make it, can you please let us know for certain. Our cook needs the minimum of last minute changes.

Go Nik!

Really excited about the names of new players/crew on this list. :smiley:

List updated.
REMINDER: We have have a player cap.

Er, I’ve paid.

Yeah, I was going fast and didn’t mark the paid people. Sorry for any confusion.

[b]It’s mystery payment time again!

If you’ve paid recently (within the last week) and haven’t received an email confirmation for said payment (check your spam), can you please email us so we can check whether it’s your payment? The sooner the better![/b]

I shall pay tomorrow, sorry it is so last minute guys!

[size=200]If you haven’t paid yet we need you to pay today![/size]
[size=150]Of risk being denied attendance to the next session until you have paid.[/size]

33AR is a non-profit event that is run on the time and energy of volunteers. Your payments go towards paying for venue hire, food to feed you all (cooked by our wonderful Sara), and to pay for props and set dressing we use to entertain you all for the weekend. We really need payments from those who have registered and not yet paid, because otherwise we won’t be able to afford to keep running these events.

If for any reason you are unable to pay for this coming weekend you must contact us ASAP so we can work something out with you!

I’ve raided the accounts & have paid.

It’ll say CRosedale April - cause I forgot to change it