33AR 5: The Dark Before Dawn

[size=200]33AR 5: The Dark Before Dawn[/size]

From October 10th at 7pm (arrive on site any time from noon if helping with setup)
Until October 12th at 3pm.

Brookfield Scout Camp

[size=150]Cost:[/size] (includes food and accommodation)
Players: $120
NZLARPS members discount: $5
Prepay before 1 Sept 2014 discount: $5
(discounts stack)

Crew: $50 (no discounts)

Please register for this session if you are planning on attending, so that we know you’ll be there and a few other details that are important.



Dates (and title) don’t match the website. Copy-pasta?

Title is pending changes, dates are incorrect (since that’s the one just gone) -

Oct 10th - 12th.

Fixed. Title is still subject to change at this point in time.

7.5 months… damn that’s a long time.

11 Weeks, 2 days.