33AR 4: Bloody Valentine 16-02-2014

[size=200]33AR 4: Bloody Valentine[/size]

From February 14th at 7pm (arrive on site any time from noon if helping with setup)
Until February 16th at 3pm.

Brookfield Scout Camp

[size=150]Cost:[/size] (includes food and accommodation)
Players: $120
NZLARPS members discount: $5
Prepay before 1 Jan 2014 discount: $5
(discounts stack)

Crew: $50 (no discounts)

Please register for this session if you are planning on attending, so that we know you’ll be there and a few other details that are important.



A delicate thing, and so difficult in these dark times, but four and a half months ago, faced with ruin on two fronts, you found it in yourselves to trust one another.

Through that trust and that cooperation, you prevailed against those who would have taken all you had down to your very life energies and free will. It cost you in blood and misery, but you prevailed.
Hanover Camp and its denizens have become something of a symbol to people, proof that victories can still be won while holding on to the best in ourselves.

The war goes on, though, and it is bloodier than ever. China’s waterways are still dyed a deep red. the rainforests of Central America glow at night from the demonfires the rage through them. Europe and North Africa are the same battlegrounds as ever, though a worsening of the savagery there would be unnoticeable. The Zebulon VIs have, however, retaken a significant amount of North American land and held the front in mainland Britain.
Hanover is beginning to field requests from its neighbours for help, as cultists stalk the woods and moors, letting their dark masters through onto the island in greater numbers than ever. Even a symbol, though, has only limited resources to relieve the cries for salvation that grow louder all around.
Being a symbol to one’s own is a coin with two sides, as well, because you’re also a target for your enemy. A particularly tempting target during times of celebration.

Valentine’s Day, is it? Well, hold tightly to those you love. After this one, Valentines Day may be a rather different kind of celebration, and for an entirely new demographic…

It’s the end of the world, what ELSE are you going to be doing?