33AR 3: Harvest Moon 27-09-2013

[size=200]33AR 3: Harvest Moon[/size]

From September 27th at 7pm (arrive on site any time from noon if helping with setup)
Until September 29th at 3pm.

Brookfield Scout Camp

[size=150]Cost:[/size] (includes food and accommodation)
Players: $120
NZLARPS members discount: $5
Prepay before 1 September discount: $5
(discounts stack)

Crew: $50 (no discounts)

Please register for this session if you are planning on attending, so that we know you’ll be there and a few other details that are important.

Saturday breakfast
[li]Porridge (1 batch made with non-dairy milk)[/li]
Saturday lunch
[li]Black bean chili soup (vegan, g/free)[/li]
[li]Silverbeet and chickpea soup (vegan, g/free)[/li][/ul]
Saturday afternoon tea
[ul][li]Muffins (will include some vegan & g/free)[/li]
[li]Mini-pizzas (will include some vegan & g/free if we can find appropriate bases)[/li]
[li]Vege sticks[/li][/ul]
Saturday dinner
[ul][li]Lamb stew (g/free)[/li]
[li]Beans & rice[/li]
[li]Potato salad x2 (one with dairy and one not)[/li]
[li]Roast vegetables (mainly carrots)[/li]
[li]Banoffee pie (g/free, includes dairy, at present there’s no vegan option but we’re working on that)[/li][/ul]
Saturday after dinner
[ul][li]There will be a section of the kitchen/fridge marked off with edible things you are free to scrounge (generally basic, like toast, but also yummy, like cheese). When play continues into the night it can get to be a while since dinner, and you will be burning off a lot of energy. Replacing that energy is encouraged.[/li][/ul]
Sunday breakfast
[ul][li]Same as Saturday breakfast with possible Chefs’ Specials!?! depending on ingredient stocks.[/li][/ul]
Sunday lunch
[li]Carrot-orange soup[/li]
[li]Chefs’ Specials (as with breakfast)[/li][/ul]


[quote][i]Six months ago, China burned, incinerated in a massive demon offensive that took the Army of Allied Nations and East India Company by surprise. In a few days, a large fraction of humanity’s remaining food growing capacity was reduced to a flickering waste of ashes and glass. The campaign to retake what was lost advances slowly and bloodily, and settlements the world respond however they can to the looming threat of starvation.

Hanover and the other evacuation camps on Skye have managed through rationing and quick action to avert the immediate crisis. You’re even on slightly larger rations than many people out there, and the crops (having gotten through a few bad frosts and the occasional demon attack) are nearing readiness for the harvest that will bring further relief. But hope’s a fragile thing these days, and yours may not be the only harvest planned for this weekend.

Still, one thing’s certain. One way or another there’s going to be a reaping.[/i][/quote]

[quote=“Tetrajak”][size=200]33AR 3: Harvest Moon[/size]

Prepay before 1 February discount: $5
(discounts stack)


I’m assuming you don’t mean Feb?

[quote=“sophmelc”][quote=“Tetrajak”][size=200]33AR 3: Harvest Moon[/size]

Prepay before 1 February discount: $5
(discounts stack)


I’m assuming you don’t mean Feb?[/quote]

Well spotted, I forgot to alter that part after copying the post from the previous session. It’s meant to be September 1.

Edited the first post to add the menu from our glorious cook! Go check out the deliciousness you are in store for this weekend :smiley:

The cook rocks. This food looks fantastic. And the approach to late-night food is a really good idea.