32AR - Gateway to Hell 14/03/2012

[size=150]32AR - Gateway to Hell[/size]
The great experiment of Professor Algernon Charteris has gone awry! Professor Charteris’ attempt to link the lands of Britain and India with portals through the Aether has instead opened a gateway to hell, from which demons pour onto The Isles! All is far from well as a group of survivors, guided by Commander M. D. Branke, huddle in hope of rescue at the emergency rendezvous point. Surely the reinforcements of the Army of Allied Nations will be here soon to pick up Princess Charlotte of Prussia, and all the other survivors who have made it here?

If larps had trailers like movies do; this would be the trailer to 33AR.

Gateway to Hell is a theatreform LARP for 20 people. It will involve elements of live combat, as well as a solid helping of dramatics, and is self-rated R16. If you’re curious about 33AR and want to get a taste of it; this is the LARP for you. This LARP is happening at the Hydra LARP Convention.

When: April 14th, 2012, running in the Saturday Afternoon slot (2pm - 5pm).

Where: Brookfield Scout Camp, the same venue as the Hydra LARP Convention.

Price: Costs are dependent on the Hydra LARP Convention, which you can check out here.

Limits: 14 players, 6 crew, but it can run with as few as 12 players and 3 crew. Please note that this session does not allow custom player characters.

If you would like to attend this session, you will need to register for Hydra, and add this game as one of your game selections (when they open).

[size=150]Cast List:[/size]

[ul][li]Alice Turnbull - playing Doctor Eleanor Daurian (wife of Victor Daurian)[/li]
[li]Anna Klein - playing Executive Director S. Riley[/li]
[li]Anthony Doornebosch - playing Professor Algernon Charteris (Father of Dwight, Husband of Maria de la Concepcion)[/li]
[li]Ben Wylie-van Eerd - playing Caleb Curran[/li]
[li]Daniel Atkins - playing Apprentice Dwight Charteris (son of Algernon Charteris and Maria de la Concepcion)[/li]
[li]Frank Pitt - playing Lord Harold Blanefield[/li]
[li]Hannah McKie - playing Eva Helinski[/li]
[li]Matt Swain - playing Hunter Victor Daurian (husband of Eleanor Daurian)[/li]
[li]Mel Duncan - playing Commander M. D. Branke, doubling as a GM [this is only if no-one else joins the LARP and wants to play][/li]
[li]Nik Crombie - playing Princess Maria de la Concepcion of France (Mother of Dwight Charteris, Wife of Algernon Charteris)[/li]
[li]Rebecca Harris - playing Selena Sherman (adopted mother of Emily Goran)[/li]
[li]Sarah Lyne - playing Alex Wickham[/li]
[li]Stacey Nylund - playing Sam Keelan[/li]
[li]UNCAST - Emily Goran (adopted daughter of Selena Sherman)[/li][/ul]

The link to the Casting Questionnaire has been sent out to all those who have been marked as attending this LARP. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Done. Only one question: Who’d I get? Huh? Huh? Huh? (OK so that’s four questions :wink: )

Thanks Nick

All filled in and looking forward to finding out who I got.

I’m glad you’re both enthusiastic about knowing who you’ve been cast as! I’ll be doing the casting as soon as I have questionnaire responses from the majority of the players.

Character blurbs and costume suggestions have been sent out to everyone who is attending Gateway.

Edit: A cast list has been added to the first post.

[quote=“Tetrajak”]Edit: A cast list has been added to the first post.[/quote]Huzzah!

Unfortunately I wouldn’t know Alice if I ran her through with a Blessed Ranseur of Demon Slaying +8 :wink:

Alice, if you’re on these forums, can you please pm me? Alternatively, if she’s not on these forums but you know her, can you please give her my email address (matt _ swain at vodafone.co.nz - no spaces, obviously) so we can start brainstorming about costumes and such like? It’s terribly important that we don’t clash, you know :wink:

Cheers all

I’ll send her your email and let her know that you want to talk about such things.

Excellent, thanks Nick :slight_smile:

Full Character sheets have been emailed to all. A few characters have switched places, and we’ve had two people drop out and one person join. Check the cast listed (updated) in the first post to see who’s playing who.

Please reply to the character sheet emails if you have any questions regarding your character.

For those who’d like to see photos, they’re now in the gallery, on the 33AR website.