2018 Wellington posse

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Cerberus 2018 is only 6 months away. So naturally, its time to book tickets.

GrabASeat doesn’t seem to display flight numbers anymore, but your best options for a direct flight from Wellington are either the 8:30am (currently $75, gets in at ~9:45), or the 16:15 (currently $119, gets in at 17:30). Do not arrive any later than 17:30 if you want to attend the first session. For getting back, the optimum flight is the one that leaves at 19:20 (currently $75, gets in at 20:30), which gives you plenty of time to eat and relax in the airport. So, with baggage, you can get to Cerberus for $150 - $200, depending on time.

If there are enough people, I will organise a shuttle to and from the airport. Its not a particularly long drive, and there’s no traffic (the real delay hazard is probably cows).

Cerberus is a great con, it has nice people and a very comfy venue (carpet! insultation! no spiders!) I’d love to see more Wellington people go along this year.


Can confirm no spiders. Nice and quiet as well… apart from all the LARP.


There are no cows to run into. We’re not total country bumpkins :wink:


That’s not what my nose was telling me around the airport.


I was upset about the lack of cows


Flights for this are on special today, at $70 each way.


I’m signed up! Taking the 8.30am flight on Friday morning, because I figure I can do some tourism down in Dunedin while I’m there. I would love to coordinate travel out to the con site with people if they’re interested.

Thanks for the heads up, Idiot.


Hey Stephanie,

If you can’t catch a ride with some Wellington peeps out to the venue drop me a line and we’ll arrange your transport out there (this applies to anyone else who’ll be in town on Friday as well)