2018 Wellington posse

Cerberus 2018 is only 6 months away. So naturally, its time to book tickets.

GrabASeat doesn’t seem to display flight numbers anymore, but your best options for a direct flight from Wellington are either the 8:30am (currently $75, gets in at ~9:45), or the 16:15 (currently $119, gets in at 17:30). Do not arrive any later than 17:30 if you want to attend the first session. For getting back, the optimum flight is the one that leaves at 19:20 (currently $75, gets in at 20:30), which gives you plenty of time to eat and relax in the airport. So, with baggage, you can get to Cerberus for $150 - $200, depending on time.

If there are enough people, I will organise a shuttle to and from the airport. Its not a particularly long drive, and there’s no traffic (the real delay hazard is probably cows).

Cerberus is a great con, it has nice people and a very comfy venue (carpet! insultation! no spiders!) I’d love to see more Wellington people go along this year.

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Can confirm no spiders. Nice and quiet as well… apart from all the LARP.

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There are no cows to run into. We’re not total country bumpkins :wink:


That’s not what my nose was telling me around the airport.

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I was upset about the lack of cows

Flights for this are on special today, at $70 each way.

I’m signed up! Taking the 8.30am flight on Friday morning, because I figure I can do some tourism down in Dunedin while I’m there. I would love to coordinate travel out to the con site with people if they’re interested.

Thanks for the heads up, Idiot.


Hey Stephanie,

If you can’t catch a ride with some Wellington peeps out to the venue drop me a line and we’ll arrange your transport out there (this applies to anyone else who’ll be in town on Friday as well)

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