2017 Wellington posse

We’re going to Cerberus! Anyone want to come along and split a shuttle?

If you’re leaving from Wellington, I recommend departing on NZ689 (departs 16:15, arrives 17:30, $119 with bag). It has a tight turnaround at the other end - its a 20 - 25 minute journey to the camp, first game starts at 19:00, and we’ll probably need to acquire food in the airport - but the alternative is an early morning flight and a day in Dunedin. The best return flight is NZ688 (departs 19:15, arrives 20:25, $159 with bag), which gives some time to decompress after the cleanup larp finishes at 17:00.

Obviously there may be specials closer to the time, but having seen the price on the return flight go up $20 in the past week, I wasn’t waiting.

If there are enough people we’ll be looking at getting a shuttle from the airport, probably from these people.

FWIW, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll get a better deal this close to the con; this is why I buy my tickets to Chimera/Hydra six months in advance when I can.

Please come! It’ll be amazing! :wink:


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Which reminds me that I should start thinking about Phoenix posse as well… but that’s far more logisticly complicated, since everyone needs to get to Hororata.