2017 To-Do List and Suggestions

We are collating a to-do list for NZLARPS for 2017.

This is an invite to Larpers, former-larpers, not-quite larpers etc, to tell us what you want. What larps do you want run, what rules do you want changed, what gear do you want purchased, what workshops do you want run.

It could be related to the results of the marketing survey (https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/17SIVZVRYkfBBogA92TwSuT6xjuN1M-WswBN8UmBqAkc/edit#slide=id.p Thank you @IdiotSavant), from a previous discussion, or something that’s occurred to you.

You can post it here, PM me or @u_ne_korn , email nzlarps@gmail.com, send a carrier pigeon (you’ll have to source that yourself though). There’s no harm in repeating ourselves during the ideas sessions, so don’t worry if you’re not sure if it’s come up before, say it anyway. But lets keep discussion and cross-chatter to a minimum so we can collect ideas.


I like playing 1-shot theatre style games, so people running things (that I haven’t already played) makes me very happy.

I’d consider playing a day-game campaign, but it would have to be a genre that appealed to me before I committed. I’m usually happy to do casual crewing

I’m seriously looking forward to Hydra, Phoenix and Cerberus

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