2017 AGM: Call for business

NZLARPS will be holding its AGM on 18 October. We will do a formal call for nominations for the election process closer to the date, but if anyone wants to propose any amendments to the constitution or other business, then they should either post them here or email them to secretary@nzlarps.org.

The NZLARPS constitution is available here: http://nzlarps.org/assets/Uploads/docs/NZLARPSConstitution2017.doc

Edit: The AGM has been delayed a week until 18 October to allow time for the treasurer to prepare financial statements.

We’ve had a constitutional amendment proposed by Lee Patrick:

I would like to propose the following amendment to the NZLARPS constitution:

In Section 26, delete the opening sentence “The Committee shall meet at such times and places as from time to time be determined by the President upon their giving written notice to the members of the Committee.” and replace with “The Committee shall meet at such times and places as are mutually agreed by it members.”

I’m aware that the national committee ran into problems earlier this year when the president attempted to define meeting times and places, and a majority of the committee were unhappy with his decision. This amendment should prevent future committees experiencing the same difficulty, and make communication between national committee members easier and more equal.

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A second amendment proposed by the South Island committee to insert the following section after s21:

21A Regional representation
In addition to the positions specified in section 21 above, a region, at an SGM or AGM, may create regional bylaws permitting them to create and fill additional general officer positions to ensure geographic diversity.

The South Island is a geographically large region with members in both Christchurch and Dunedin and so they’re concerned about ensuring that both major centres are represented on its committee. The normal electoral process should cope with this, but this would allow them to appoint someone in the event that it doesn’t.


The AGM will be formally notified on October 3, so if you have anything you want to propose, please post it here by October 2.