2013 Auckland Contingent

I’m thinking of attending Hydra this year, and wondering who else from Auckland is going, and when.
Do people already have flights booked, if so is it worth co-ordinating to be on the same flight, and to share lifts etc?
Also what sort of arrangements are usually made wrt getting from airport to the venue?
Are there enough of us to warrant hiring a people mover car?

I know that myself, Anna and Judit are definitely coming. Most of the time we fly, I haven’t booked a flight yet but will in a couple of weeks. Previously the friendly Wellingtonians have given us lifts and we stayed at the campground.

If there are enough people, I would strongly recommend hiring a van or people mover.
Although there are a lot of people that would be more than willing to give rides, there are a lot of wellingtonians that don’t have transport as well. (no offense intended) It is a good 1/2 hour out from town, so trips back and forth can be long & tiring.

I think last year, when leaving on sunday afternoon/evening, there were a couple of people who had to do multiple trips, as well as craming people into the available transport.

Also makes it easy for trip to the dairy, as there isn’t anything within walking distance.

There are a lot of Aucklanders (15) that have indicated that they are coming or might be coming, but I don’t really want to list their names out here in case they want to make other arrangements.

Last year there was Kerry, Judit, Anna, Vanya, and the wonderful Michelle, who is our cook.

I’m coming down too, I don’t want to make any promises yet though about what flight and stuff because I have to negotiate time off work. Once I do that though, I am kinda keen on this joint shuttle idea.

It wouldn’t be a shuttle, it’d be a hired car/van, the camp is not within shuttle distance :slight_smile:

Hannah, I would go in for that. Let’s start researching costs. Judit and I are on the same flight down on Friday evening.

I’ve been looking at our family calendar, and it seems that Hydra is at the first week of the school holidays.
This is a head up to others out there to consider flights sooner rather than later, as the it could well be a busy time for flying considering this.

What flight are you on Anna?

Also, I am considering driving down with the family on Thurs/Fri and spending some time in the vicinity afterwards. If this pans out it will mean I won’t be doing any shared car thing.

At my current count there are 12 Aucklanders currently coming down for Hydra.

I will be coming down Friday (hopefully booking flights tonight). Would I be able to get in on the van/car/whatever too? What time should I aim my flight to arrive in Wellington?

Judit has created a shared google document where we are all collating information with times etc and working with that. Contact her to be added or PM me your email address, and I’ll see if I can add you too.

Nothing has been organised wrt car hire, does anyone have any special/staff discounts we can hook in with?

Grabaseat have $55 fares going at the moment- if anyone’s interested. Some even as low as $39 for seat and bag.

Have booked tickets and now coming. Flying in thursday and will stay in cbd but keen to get lift, aand help with hirage. Unfortunately i cant drive though.

Anyone driving? I got some delicate gear I’d rather not take on a plane.

I know Allen’s driving down today (Thursday) for 33AR - perhaps get in touch with him?

Already gave him my gear. Thanks :slight_smile: