1960's Diplomacy/Spy Game - Character Preferences

What would you like to play?

  • Diplomat
  • Spy
  • A Diplomat who is also a Spy
  • Both (two different characters, at different times in the game)

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Hi folks,

If you were to play in a realistic, gritty, 1960’s diplomatic/spy game, what would you be interested in playing? Tick all that apply (if you’ve answered this question on Facebook, please don’t also answer it here :slight_smile: )


I command this thread to rise!!!

Thanks for the votes, those of you that voted :slight_smile:

Now, another question: Would there legitimately be interest in an ultra-serious, high-stakes game where a large (like, say, 75%) part of the game - for the diplomats, at least - is sitting around a conference table negotiating a treaty/doing other high level diplomatic talks?

I’d try it (again - The Summers Crisis at Chimera 2009 was like that).

(And dammit, I still have a title going round in my head for a Cold War successor to The Gehenna Memo: “Tinker, Tailor, Sorcerer, Spy”)

Blurb (still a work in progress):