16 days

Do you have…


  1. Your costume sorted?
  2. A ride to the game and back again?
  3. Your character update through to the GMs?
  4. Your payment through?
  5. A proper registration so you get fed?
  6. All the EXCITE!?

Not long now kids…

World That Is and Crucible day games first! Only so much brain space!

QFT! Although I’m NPC for 33, LARP calendar this 1/4 is full on.

Costume not doneeeee !!!
Stressstressstressssss some more

Costume not doneeeee !!!
Stressstressstressssss some more[/quote]

Calmmmm. Caaaaalm.

I’ve haven’t had much headspace for this with crucible stuff, but now the day games are over of that, I’m getting super excited… Need to re try on my costume though, its been a few months… can’t wait!

Driving to Akld tomorrow night for final piece. fingers crossed

Not long to go, so much excite! Always enjoy playing my character

Hi Guys

Due to Family from Uk being in NZ that weekend and my course starting at Whitirea on the Monday I won’t be there this time, hope you all have a great time and i’ll see you next time. however if anyone needs to borrow a Demonology tomb or some set Dressing i can try and get it to whoever