Wellington larpwriter's workshop?

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Who wants to learn how to write a larp?

A couple of people have suggested doing a one-day writer’s workshop to give people the basics on writing a bog-standard theatre-style larp, and I’d like to assess whether there is sufficient demand to make it worthwhile. The basic idea is that we use Petone Community House, have a (very) short intro, then work on writing a small, simple larp together (8-10 players; no more than two character sheets per writer, and ideally one). The final product isn’t expected to be perfect, but it should give experience in the core skill of writing a character sheet.

There would probably be pre-workshop homework (there’s a presentation and a few how-tos that might help). Expected cost would be $50 / number of participants, so likely to be no more than $10. Catering is raid a cafe / bring a plate. Expected date is almost certainly late April / early May - in the gap between Hydra and Armageddon.

Key questions: are you interested? If so, do you prefer a Saturday or a Sunday?


More information:


We’re doing this, on Sunday May 1, from 10am, at Petone Community House. More details on the site linked above, or on the Facebook event:



So, its this weekend! So far we’re looking at about 7 participants. We don’t know what larp we’re writing yet, but we’ll try and find something.


For those wondering how this went: we had six participants, including myself. People had done their homework (or at least read the slides for the Diewald video), so we went straight for a discussion of things people enjoyed and didn’t enjoy in larps, which generated a few interesting points.

After that, we talked about what larp we were going to write, and settled on a “Lord of the Rings bar”. And so the Inn of the Clumsy Carthorse was born - somewhere near Bree, where Bilbo had stopped on the way home from his Adventure. We threw ideas at the board, wrote a character each, broke for lunch, then critiqued them. Which generated some more ideas, but as energy was flagging it was time to call it a day.

Currently the game is on Google Drive, and a couple of the authors have already been working on it. Hopefully we’ll see it run sometime


If we were to repeat this this year (say, in early May), would anyone be interested in attending?


Yes. (I know how I write larps. I’m interested in how other people put them together.)