Auckland Gear Box Index


LockupIndex.pdf (322.2 KB)
I have indexed all the 40 boxes in the main shelves (see the attached PDF). These are the high use boxes and the idea is that you know exactly where a box is kept (there is a copy of the index on the wall by the door), as well as exactly where to put the box back when doing the load-in.

It seems to be working well, the entire Musketeers load-out took less than an hour.

I am planning a rationalisation of the remaining boxes (they live in stacks, not on the shelves so are basically in the way, and are mostly random stuff and/or miscellanous fabric) as well as the second, smaller, shelves (which I would prefer to store support items and weapons e.g.the mixer) in May. The plan is to extend the index to cover the stacks and the shelves.


Great work Mike, thank you for all your hard work on this.