Wellington Venue List, The (Updated 21-11-14)


Whenever I visit MOTAT in Auckland I get an urge to write an olden-day horror scenario set mid-flight on an old plane. I suspect they might not let us use one of their plane interiors though.

There’s something to be said for finding an awesome available venue and then writing a scenario for it. Sure beats the frustration of conceiving a game but not being happy with the available locations.


I got in contact with the YMCA camp in Kaitoke and found out the following pricing:

9am - 6pm: $10 per adult
9am - 6pm: $8 per student (up to tertiary)
6pm - 9am: $10 per person
6pm - 9am: $8 per student (up to tertiary)

Large Kitchen: $100 per day
Small Kitchen: $40 per day

Breakfast: $4.50
Lunch: $11
Dinner: $14.50

I also received maps of the venue buildings and grounds (if anyone wants them). There are 25 cabins, which house adults comfortably each (150 people total). So that’s $40 accommodation and $60.00 catering per person for a weekend. Although if the people hiring the venue could find willing cooks in Wellington then that would cut out the catering fee.


Just a note,

I think that you maybe missing 2 meals from the list for a weekend.

Accomodation is

6pm-9am Friday to Saturday
9am-6pm Saturday
6pm-9am Saturday to Sunday
9am-6pm Sunday

Total $40

That would require Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner for Saturday and Breakfast, possibly Lunch for Sunday

Total is 4.50+11+14.50+4.50+(11) = 34.50+(11)

You could forgo the lunch on the final day, or not depending on length of game, and use the cash for snacks through out

Given the full weekend has anyone approached them for a special rate to have the place catered and only to 12pm Sunday?

Just an idea


I actually was out looking at this location on Friday and rang them about pricing as well :slight_smile:.

The venue has great outside wooded areas that would suit a lot of games.


Ah, you’re right. My Monday maths is not up to scratch. Total amended, and I’ve added the cost of hiring the kitchens.

I’ll ask.

Also, there are several bus companies that head up there when hired; Runcimans, NZ Coach Service, and Tranzit.


It sounds like you should be thinking in terms of providing your own catering, it will save your players a lot of money.

You still have to pay for food (which might cost around $15-$25 per person for the weekend, depending on whether you go shoestring), and you should probably budget for paying your volunteer cook. Sooner or later, most cooks want to be paid something, even if it’s not full pay for the hours worked it’s a token of the time they’re giving, and their fee is divided among all your players (and crew).

But still, it will work out massively cheaper than $60 a head. And you’ll get to make food that’s appropriate for your game.

I think the standard in Auckland has been for everyone (including crew) to pay a base cost that covers their accomodation and food, and for players to pay extra to cover props, costumes, and any other incidentals needed for the game. It seems fair that players pay a bit more to be the centre of attention and entertainment, although crew often have just as much fun.


Have added Brookfield Scout Camp to the venue list.


Petone Community House
[ul][li] $15 / room for an evening[/li]
[li] facebook.com/pages/Petone-Co … 3066610239[/li]
[li] unknown[/li]
[li]6 Britannia Street, Petone[/li]
[li] 04 568 7798; petcomhouse@clear.net.nz[/li]
[li]1 largish room downstairs, 4 of varying sizes upstairs. Good for small larps or those that need multiple locations[/li][/ul]

Checked this out today and it looks useable, certainly for the smaller games. A 20 person game might be a bit of a squeeze for the largest room, but wouldfit if it is one that splits across multiple rooms.

Fright Night is using thisfor its venue in two weeks time.


Thanks for the investigation, Idiot. It’s been added to the list.


I notice that the Brooklyn Community Centre isn’t on here yet. So here is the info I got from them before Day of Games, though a daily rate is negotiable.

Brooklyn Community Centre
[ul]Rates from $17.25 to $11.50 (incl GST) per hour, depending on room.
Not sure about official capacity, but two 30-40 person table top cons with LARPs have been run here very successfully.
18 Harrison Street Brooklyn 6021
(04)384 6799, brooklynca@paradise.net.nz
A variety of rooms, including a good sized Hall, lounge and RSA room. [/ul]


Thanks for the details, it’s been added to the list!


Camp Elsdon
[ul][li] $25/person/night casual cabin rates; group bookings available[/li]
[li] http://www.campelsdon.co.nz/[/li]
[li] 96 beds in bunkrooms, cabins and dorms[/li]
[li] 18 Raiha Street, Porirua[/li]
[li] (04) 4 237 8987; campelsdon.co.nz/application.html[/li]
[li] Right on the edge of Porirua Scenic Reserve, some bush space. At least two large indoor spaces (education room and dining room). May be more suitable for campaigns. No alcohol.[/li][/ul]

Camp Wainui
[ul][li] ~$1100 per night for full booking of all space[/li]
[li] http://www.campwainui.co.nz/[/li]
[li] 92 bunks[/li]
[li] 203 Coast Road, Wainuiomata[/li]
[li] (04) 564 5305 ; campwainui@xtra.co.nz[/li]
[li] Good outdoor space with tracks (map); Two moderate indoor spaces plus two smaller ones. Again suits campaign?[/li][/ul]

Palm Grove Christian Camp
[ul][li] Unknown[/li]
[li] http://www.palmgrovecamp.co.nz/[/li]
[li] Up to 140 bunks / beds. [/li]
[li] 199 Valley Road, Paraparaumu[/li]
[li] 04 298 4772; information@palmgrovecamp.co.nz[/li]
[li] 2 indoor spaces[/li][/ul]

Tatum park
[ul][li] Unknown, but there is no self-catering option, so likely prohibitively expensive[/li]
[li] tatumpark.co.nz/[/li]
[li] 100 bunks plus cabins etc[/li]
[li] 820 - 850 State Highway One, Manakau, Horowhenua[/li]
[li] (06) 362 6799; bookings@tatumpark.co.nz[/li]
[li] at least 3 conference spaces. And apparently a medieval village[/li][/ul]


[quote=“IdiotSavant”]Tatum park
at least 3 conference spaces. And apparently a medieval village[/list][/quote]

I saw that village at a NAAMA years ago, there were only two or three roundhouses but they were very cool and in a little wooded area surrounded by fields. You could run a great early medieval larp there, like pre-1000 or something, especially if they would let you set dress the village, sleep in the roundhouses, cook on a fire, you could go really rugged and authentic with it.

Or you could take it in a fantasy direction. I reckon a game where the players are all monsters, goblins or something, trying to live a normal tribal life but having to deal with “heroes” coming through wanting to kill them could be awesome.