Wellington 2019 AGM Nominations thread!

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Hey team, the AGM is coming up!

And that means we need to choose a committee to look after us for the year. We need to have:
President/Regional director

We really want to also have:
Gear Officer
Marketing Officer
2 general officers

In order to make the ballot, an NZLARPS member needs to nominate you and then a different NZLARPS member seconds you. You need to be an NZLARPS member to be appointed, but not to be nominated.

The job is not onerous, and newbies are 100% welcome. It’s a great way to give back to community.


Guess I’ll start the ball rolling by nominating the other incumbents, if only to see who wants the job:

I nominate Mel Duncan for regional director
I nominate Courtney Parnell for regional secretary
I nominate Norman Cates for gear officer
I nominate Lee Patrick for general officer
I nominate Toby Stewart for general officer

And please, nominate other people. Contested elections are good.

I nominate Dylan Tiller for General Officer, Toby Stewart for Gear Officer and Idiot for Marketing.

And I second Courtney for Regional Secretary, Lee for General Officer, and Norm for gear (though I suspect he will decline, with WorldCon next year)

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I second Dylan Tiller for general officer.
I second Toby Stewart for gear officer
I accept nomination for marketing officer

I nominate Brooklyn for Treasurer

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I accept nomination for Gear Officer.
I second Idiot for Marketing Officer.
I second Brooklynne for Treasurer.
I nominate Callum Upton for General Officer.

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I second Mel for regional director.
I second Callum for general officer.
I accept my nomination for general officer.

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I accept nomination for General Officer

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I decline the nomination for regional director, sorry my amazing team!
I am working on the WorldCon this year, and I don’t want to overcommit. I’d happily take a general officer role or something, and I will be helpful with handover.

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I accept the nomination for Wellington treasurer

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I accept the nomination for General Officer.

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