Looks great, thanks so much for helping to build up the gear library down here :slight_smile:


Looks really nice, thanks for the donation Idiot.

I remember the pride of making a great weapon, it’s a good feeling.

It looks like those sword blanks can produce a really nice blade, which is great news in terms of using them to build up the regional NZLARPS gear pools.


Next batch:

The camera-flash is hiding all my sins on this; I’m not happy with the gold latexing, though it easily pases the 10-foot test.

(Guard: 2-layer sandwich, 6-inch diamond; grip: 5 inches of 3-layer sandwich, last inch as part of pommel; Pommel: 1 inch wide strip wrapped around end of grip to form a cylinder, plus a circular end cap)


All I donated was the time and hilts. The sword-blank was from NZLARPS, and Scott had chucked me a tub of latex a while ago. Technically, I’m using building the gear library as an excuse to learn to do stuff :slight_smile:

Or if people want a nice, cheap weapon. It doesnt take much to hilt them, and the blades look really, really nice.


Those are looking fantastic. I really like the traditional sword styles you’re using!


I don’t know of any. I always mix black with the latex and dry brush the silver on afterwards.[/quote]

Well, I’ll be trying the Tamiya first, mixed in with latex; if it doesn’t work, I can always paint it directly.

(I’m trying to match a dagger hilt to my Excalibur sword, which is problematic)[/quote]

Just FYI: Games Workshop paints are still 12ml have been since they got rid of the old white tops in the early 90’s and are $7.20 - there are a few independants who stock it for less - shop around if they have what you want.


one thing that would be cool to work out (cant think of a way myself short of wrapping stupid amounts of tape in a criss cross pattern/reinforcing the bottom edge similarly)

is if there would be a way to strengthen the join/head to the point you could use axes to hook shields and such without worrying about the head breaking off (one of the best uses of axes/polaxes/winged/lugged spears etc, at least i find it supremely useful)


Just use some soft leather or nylon webbing in the construction of the weapon. Either sandwiched between the layers of foam or running up the haft and around the inside of the bite on the axehead.


If I have 20mm Pipe, wrapped in camp mat, should I have 2 layers or will 1 suffice?

1 is still a little hard, but two is quite thick…


It’s the way with staves/polearms, sadly. Previously I’ve used the aeroflex lagging as it’s made to fit the pipes perfectly, but it’s softer than more ideal foams and tends to tear pretty easily, while being a right pain to sculpt. You’ll also find that past ~1.4m, the weapon will be whippy as all heck, and that’s far from ideal.

As an alternative, if you can source 15mm fibreglass rods (try RD1), they shouldn’t flex nearly as much provided they’re a decent density. Otherwise you can go for 3 smaller rods (8mm) stuck together. If Derek/Ryan have any experience with this approach, it would be well worth asking them to share it.

Ideally, even a long weapon should be light, so it’s easy to pull blows, and still fairly rigid so you have good control over it.


Cool. I’ve gotten the pole for free, the Camp mat was $5. SO at the moment its more of a prototype for the first game of Knightshade.
Its 110cm, so quite rigid anyway. I’m going to put another layer on it tonight and will probably leave a gap or trim down a piece for the handle as its more designed as a walking stick than a full on 2hd stave.

But will be used to hit people who get in my way!! Mwahahahahahaha


I made my first shield! Some of you may recognize the design. :wink:

Derek taught me how to make this (thanks Derek) and supplied the middle bit. It’s 3 layers of foam, covered in fabric, with leather around the edges. I’m very proud and look forward to taking it out for a hoon.

I encourage everyone who has thought about making a shield to give it a go. Very achievable projects to get you familiar with working with foam and glue.


That looks fantastic.


That Looks Great!!


Thank you both! Chris, you’ll see it at Knightshade!


it’s a magic shield of fear :wink:


Only works when used by gargoyles :wink:


It looked fantastic!! Super Jelly!!
I’m going to need one for LARP in Jan, after my WalkingStick of fail, Sheild will be next interesting thing to make.


Thanks again! I had a brief lesson on how to use a shield more effectively last night. So exciting!

Chris, I really encourage you to make a shield. A very achievable product. If you can make a sandwich, you can make a shield. :slight_smile:

Mmmm… ADOS sammich.


Random question:

If I had all the materials, all the tools, and knew what I was doing …

How long would it take to progress from having a fibreglass rod & a camp mat, to a completed sword, drying from its last coat of ?

Can a sword be built in a morning? a day? a weekend?