The Wellington game


Hi everyone

We are very sorry for delays and thank you for all of your patience. We unfortunately ran into a series of problems around scheduling (especially being a multi city game) and venue. Then we have had offer issues which we are trying to work out. What this means is that the next Wellington game has had to be postponed unfortunately. We apologise to all of you for this.

We will be trying to run a game later in the year in late November, early December with potentially some Christmas themes included and of course this time much more notice for everyone.
I will be doing what I can now to contact each of the players and crew that we have to talk about themes for the next game. To discuss what your characters are up to, and things you would like to see to make the game better.

Apologies again for having to postpone this, thanks for your patience, and we will do all we can to communicate with you all in a better manner for the next game.