The other inevitable post-Hydra thread

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Just got an idea for a game about a Spy


In addition to the 2 games I’m writing for Phoenix, I now have 9 other ideas for games I want to write.

cons are dangerous.


Write those ideas down and park them on Google Drive for when you have time. I have a whole directory of such things.


I have basic outlines of three new games now (I’m currently thinking of bringing the traumatic changeling larp and the tense government agents/clones larp to next year’s KapCon, and running the World War II-ish alternate universe thing as a one-off at some point).

Also planning a witch academy game with adult and teenage roles, cause of all the interest we’re seeing from teenagers at the moment.


I for one welcome our new witch overlords.


I also have plans for a Magic: the Gathering LARP.


I now have a proper title for the larp that previously had the working title Stephanie’s Jolly Good and Really Excellent Larp That Will Go Splendidly aka Two Inches of Ivory, the day after a Regency ball: a larp about love, friendship, marriage, and dissecting the mortifyingly embarrassing incident from the dance the night before. So that’s something. Everybody else’s ideas sound awesome.

To be fair, the time that I used that trope, I started from a place of just really wanting to not have to care about last minute dropouts from the game. An amnesia game seemed a good idea at the time.

That sounds really fun. It’s important to remember the words.


Oh, I’m more thinking of the very first LARP I wrote, which was set on a malfunctioning spaceship. That trope has a rich pedigree :smiley:


I have never written a malfunctioning spaceship larp. I feel it is a gap in my oeuvre.


An oldie but a goodie. :slight_smile:
Malfunctioning submarines also count.


Dammit Russ! I don’t have time to write larps ATM, and I suddenly have a sketch for a realist, card-driven minilarp (or maybe Descended from the Queen tabletop?) about the assessment crew on a colony ship getting their exploration reports in orbit, and talking about their hopes and dreams, before making a decision on whether to wake everybody else up.




If it was your plan, I should leave you to do it - I’m Not Allowed to write for a month at least.


I’ve been chewing this over a little bit, and there’s a third option: using a WINTERHORN-style setup, where at the end of each act the characters assign actions (research priorities), from which they get some answers which help create and drive a narrative. But that would make it much more investigative, rather than being about hopes and dreams and the future people hope to build.


And, in an example of how design takes you in unexpected directions, the path of least resistance for this one is looking like a Descended From the Queen tabletop story game. If I want to pull it back to a larp, I’m going to have to think harder.


Meanwhile, at Consequences (UK larp con) this year:

It’s specifically about angst, so not one where everything goes well then. also, its a Peaky game, so it may be published in a couple of years.


I’d love to run the Untitled (Now Titled?) Space LARP in Christchurch at some point if you publish it (or want another run before you publish it)


Ooo that’s amazing I would love that :smile:
Currently going over all the game documents making sure they make sense then I can potentially send them to you? :smiley:


Yeah, definitely!
I can message you my email address of you’d like?


Yeah sounds great! Mostly finished tidying it all up. Had my computer crash once or twice but its fixed now haha