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Name: Isabelle Thornley
Profession: History Professor
Location: Arkham
Tagline: Rational historian
Isabelle Thornley is a professor of history at Miskatonic University. Her area of interest is the Salem Witch Trials, which she contends were purely the result of hysteria and an attempt to oppress intelligent and outspoken women. She has a well-known academic rivalry with a fellow professor who believes that the witch trials were sparked by actual occult activity the early colonies.
Potential contacts: Fellow academics, former students, old friends, family members


Name: Richard Grensmith
Profession: Antiquarian
Location: Hong Kong
Tagline: Purveyor of Strange Items
Bio: Richard Grensmith is an Antiquarian in Hong Kong. Fluent in both English and Chinese, and deals with many strata of society. He has some knowledge of many artifacts and old kingdoms and religions. His shop has extensive stock from many sources, and his connections can usually place at least one good story on each piece, which he will record, if only to increase the sale price.
Potential contacts: Potential customers of strange items, People who have traveled through Hong Kong, Academics of Note, Friends and Relative in Britain or elsewhere.


Name: Margaret Nelson
Profession: Heir
Location: Boston, New England
Tagline: Concerned Heiress and painter
Bio: Margaret Nelson is a young heiress from Boston, New England, who spends her days painting. She lives with her cousin Amelia, with whom she is very close. Her grand-uncle was a noted explorer who spent a great deal of time in South America, and brought back many items from his travels.
Potential contacts: Family, friends, or perhaps someone knowledgeable in ancient south american culture or old artworks.


Name: Aeson Price
Profession: Author
Location: Somewhere near Barre, Vermont
Tagline: Naturalist Poet
Bio: Aeson Price moved to a cabin overlooking a Vermont national park three years ago to focus on his first major volume of poetry. He returns to Barre, the nearest city, every week to collect correspondence, share information and rumours with the locals, and resupply his cabin. Although he once enjoyed the company of many in the New York literary scene, Aeson found that big-city life gave him a migraine for which solitude was the only possible answer - although he knows the importance of keeping one eye on the papers.
Potential Contacts: Those who are fans of, or involved in, the arts; old friends and family; executors of estates; those who like to make a name for themselves in New England.


Name: Anne Wilson
Profession: Unqualified Doctor
Location: London, England
Tagline: Haunted young doctor
Bio: Anne Wilson is a young doctor, she was sent from Germany to England in 1917 by her parents, because of the war. She had never had any experience with medical work before being sent to England, she had never been to university or got a degree. When in England she got her experience through living at a cottage hospital, and working as a nurse. Eventually she grew experienced enough that the hospital let her become their under the table doctor, doing small operations and such. In 1928 a patient of Anne’s died in a way that left her significantly disturbed.
Potential Contacts:
Someone who works with the supernatural, an occultist, a scientist perhaps,
a detective or private investigator,
an old friend.


Name: Dorothy Maddison
Profession: Pinkerton Agent, often undercover
Location: New Orleans, USA
Bio: Miss Maddison is a long-term employee of the Pinkerton Detective Agency, currently working odd-jobs for the agency and private clients in Deep South. As a fluent speaker of French, she was able to serve in the Great War in a variety of capacities. She drinks a bit too much, consorting with the wrong sort of people in order to obtain it, and her mother despairs of her ever finding a husband.
Potential Contacts: Former and current clients, friends and ex-comrades-in-arms.


Name: Molly Berry
Profession: Heiress
Location: Salem, Oregon
Tagline: Curious young heiress
Bio: Molly is a gifted 14 year old heiress, who lives with her father, Frank Berry (of the Berry Toothpick fortune), and her Great Aunt Ruth. She is tutored by her governess, Ms Hill, but would much rather learn by exploring the birch forest or contacting some of her father’s fascinating old friends.
Potential contacts: Daddy says I should further my learning by contacting notable friends of the family, who might be able to share some of their knowledge with me. Ms Hill, my governess, is very boring. I would much rather learn from interesting people.


Name: Charlotte MacGovern
Profession: Widow
Location: Several miles outside of Innsmouth
Tagline: Baffled Gardener
Bio: Charlotte moved to an isolated cottage near Innsmouth last year after the death of her husband, Hamish MacGovern, and is spending her retirement developing the blasted land around her house. Or is trying to. After she dug seaweed into her flower beds on the advice of the locals her petunias and rosemary are coming up… strange, and she supposes the ancient carved stones she found while clearing brush, their visages worn into expressions of stark command, might be of interest to some antiquarian or other, but the local curiosity shop wants nothing to do with them.
Potential Contacts: Relatives, and relatives of relatives. An antiquarian or historian, when asking about the stones or the history of the area. Other back-to-nature chums. Someone she mistakenly believes is an agronomist who can analyse her soil samples.


Name: Dorothy Black
Profession: Antiquarian
Location: Providence, RI
Tagline: Discreet Antiquarian
Bio: Dorothy Black is the public face of a discreet service that buys and sells rare and unusual artifacts. She is very reserved, and tends to keep correspondence to business only, except with family. She knows a great deal about all sorts of strange and arcane artifacts, and where they can be found, but this information is only shared with others in the family business. The business is currently about to mount an expedition to follow a lead on some valuable occult artifacts, and are currently looking for investors who wish to finance the expedition in return for some of what we find.
Potential Contacts: Clients who are looking for obscure and occult artifacts, especially if they wish to finance the planned expedition; Family members or trusted friends interested in taking part in the expedition; Academics who know about arcane artifacts with whom I can consult; A doctor who works at an asylum; An artist whose work includes what looks like clues to an occult artifact.


Name: Mary Masters
Profession: Tabloid Journalist
Location: New York
Tagline: Freelance social ferret
Bio: Born Maria Teresa Mastrantonio in turn-of-the-century small town Italy, Mary left the country of her birth along with her family when she was ten years old. She took to life in New York quickly as she grew up, settling into a network of relatives, friends and acquaintances - to the point where she couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Her contacts serve her well when it comes to getting the next big scoop on the city’s busy social scene. Generally selling to the highest bidder, she knows her audience and has a good nose for the kind of stories that appeal to them.
Potential Contacts: Newspaper and magazine editors, staff working in high society households, flappers and other party animals, the odd bootlegger/mobster and those that cater to the scene’s more…unusual…tastes.


Name: Dr Victoria Addington
Profession: Alienist
Location: Salem, Oregon
Tagline: Troubled Alienist
Bio: Dr Victoria Addington is an Alienist originally from England. She moved to the USA two years ago and started working at Salem Women’s Asylum shortly after she arrived. She has treated some of the most disturbed and unstable patients and nothing much rattles her. Recently she has been working with a patient who believes she is possessed by a demon. Her patients behaviour has left her troubled and questioning everything she thought she knew.
Potential Contacts: Friends and family back in England, new friends in the US, academics interested in the occult, other Alienists.


Name: Cyril M. Arkhangelsky
Profession: Dilettante
Location: Kingsport, Massachusetts
Tagline: Curious aristocrat
Bio: In the circles of Massachusetts’ high society, Cyril M. Arkhangelsky is one of those pleasant anomalies that make for good gossip. He is known to be the result - the second result - of a marriage between a wealthy Russian doctor and the only daughter of Kingsport’s elite Fabens family. Despite nearing thirty years of age, Cyril has shown no desire to marry, and spends his time researching whatever he finds most fascinating in any given moment: last year it was the flora of New England, and this year it happens to be the occult.
Potential Contacts: Like-minded enthusiasts, ex-lovers, anyone seeking funding, childhood friends


**Name:**Fernanda (Fern) Whitford
Profession: Author
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Tagline: Frustrated children’s writer
Bio: Fern is a lifelong New Yorker in her late twenties and the author of a moderately-popular series of children’s books, though writer’s block has prevented her from releasing a new instalment in several years. As a source of distraction and as a favour to a family friend, she’s recently taken a temporary position helping to catalogue the extensive private library of a deceased acquaintance. She’s becoming concerned by (or obsessed with) references to a sinister-sounding religious order that turn up over and over again in his research.
Potential contacts: Friends, professional acquaintances, anyone with an interest in or knowledge of esoteric societies, former/current romantic partners, other New Yorkers


Name: Josephine “Jo” Mercer
Profession: Scientist
Location: Arkham, Massachusetts
Tagline: Obsessed stargazer

Bio: Jo is a Junior Professor of astronomy at Miskatonic University. In addition to a handful of scientific papers on the subject, she has also co-authored a series of monographs about the history and evolution of astronomy through the ages. She has very recently returned from a trip abroad to Asia and the Pacific, ostensibly to study the total solar eclipse that occurred on May 9. Outside of her academic career, Josephine is an amateur poet, heavily influenced by her field of study and the works of Emily Dickinson.

Potential contacts: Fellow star-gazers (whether academic or amateur; current science or historical), friends and scientific persons from abroad, and doctors of the mind who understand the importance of dreams.


Name: Miss. Helen Rose Moore
Profession: Researcher
Location: Providence, Rhode Island
Tagline: Estranged Academic
Bio: Fianced Helen Rose is a researcher in Pembroke College intent on learning the intricacies of a tome discovered in Brown University (to which Pembroke College is attached). However, a recent personal tragedy is keeping her from focusing on her enthralling work.


So is it Mr Arkhangelsky? (One wouldn’t want to use the wrong form of address on one’s correspondence)


His father is the Mr Arkhangelsky - for addressing letters, “Mr Cyril Arkhangelsky” should do it.


I hate to pry into matters of recent grief, but what line of employment was Hamish MacGovern in?


He was a ship captain for a commercial line, who was lost at sea and is presumed dead. All very tragic.