The Innsmouth Papers: Call for players

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“The Innsmouth Papers”, aka the Lovecraftian letter-larp, is officially seeking participants! Its a roleplaying game about writing letters, inspired by Stealing Cthulhu, De Profundis, and the works of H P Lovecraft. The players will write letters to one another, creating Lovecraftian stories. Due to the practicalities of the New Zealand postal service, it is open only to people in New Zealand.

The game will begin on July 1, 2019. It will be set in 1929, and the game date will be today’s date minus 90 years. The time of the game will follow our own time as it goes by, so just date your letters 90 years ago. The game will last for no more than a year, though that’s an upper limit set because I genuinely have no idea how long it will naturally last. You may bring your story to an end sooner or continue after that date if you wish.

To play, you must have:

  • pen and paper, or a typewriter or computer with a typewriter font if you are that way inclined, plus envelopes and stamps to actually post things with.
  • a digital camera, smartphone or scanner, to photograph or scan letters with.
  • a willingness to write and post at least one letter to each contact per month (so about one per week on average). You can write more if you choose, obviously.

If you are interested in participating:

  • Create a character using the rules in the rules document
  • Email your character’s details, including the answers to your questions, and your postal address, to the GM at
  • Post your character’s name, profession, location, tagline, public bio and desired contacts on the “characters” thread.
  • Email any lines and veils (content you do not want to deal with) to the GM at The GM will post a list to the forum before the game begins.

Characters are due by 17 June.

Once we have characters, I will assign each player 3-4 contacts. The game will begin on July 1.

The Diatribe forum (when it is set up) is the designated public out-of-character channel for communications (e.g. content negotiation). Beyond initial advertising, the GM will not be supporting this game through Facebook in any way. Participants are of course free to use whatever forum they prefer for private communications.

Safety: “The Innsmouth Papers” uses a system of lines and veils, as described in the rules document. These will be posted ahead of play, and participants are expected to respect them. Players are encouraged to use email or the game forum to check and negotiate game content as appropriate.

Privacy: As part of this game I will be collecting email and physical addresses. The first is required to communicate with you about the game. The second is required to play the game itself. Your postal address will be distributed to your in-character contacts to enable them to write letters to you. It will not be distributed to any other person.

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I am here for this!


So far we have 8 characters, and they all look interesting. My target is somewhere between 12 and 20 (with more being better, obviously), and I think we’ll get there.


I’m in too. It’ll just take me until the weekend to sit down and think about who I’m going to play.


I also intend to play, and also am just mulling things over for a bit before drawing up a charcter.


Bump. The character submission deadline is 17 June, so two weeks to go.


4 days to go.


I just realised something: Idiot, did you pick the IC year on purpose?


Obviously, but maybe not for the reason you think. It was largely about convenience for dates. If people want to draw on any interesting or mundane historical events for inspiration, that’s up to them.


Oh boy. My character’s from New York. I may have some reading in my future. :smiley: