Southern Mordavia


That looks crazy cool. How long is it?


Total length is about 70cm, there is a 5 foot double handed version in production.

This small one was just to see how well the new design would work, can honestly say I’m quite pleased with it, we tested it out last night there is a lot more strength structually than usual boffers but you do sacrifice one side of the blade to achieve this.


The first shots of my most ambitious project to date, yes it is animated, and currently going through the flesh work.

Should have the head finished soon and onto the lung and heart systems.


Go the gas mask mods!

Far out. Nice combination of materials. Is the lower jaw controllable? What’s with the metal bits sticking into the cheek?

Do you get those gas masks in Christchuch? The K Rd surplus store has run out of that style :frowning:


Insert Manic laughter here

24 hours later and he looks more like an ogre :wink:


Holy freaky head extension. Uh, can you still see out of it? Man, he’s enormous.


Visability is not a problem, and it tends to have a slight drunk persons view from inside, all adds up to one very dumb Ogre.


I once had a part time job as The Easter Bunny. The view was out of the mouth which also worked really well…


I had a one-off stint as this guy

Also a view out the mouth.


Being an old Russian gas mask looking out the eyes is fine, plus I went one step further the vent at the front was removed and two nostrel tubes installed along with an intake fan included in the electronics, fresh air galore inside :slight_smile:


verry good idea, your forsight into that is commendable.


Thanks, no point in frying the NPC’s like we use to do traditionally, times are changing and creations have a lot of lee-way in them as long as you think in advance.


Looks awesome so far, the finish on the eyes is particularly nice.


Ok new update time:

In the next few days I turn dentist and skin specialist :wink:



Oil of Olay should get rid of those visible signs of aging.


laugh this is true, but he’s got to look war beaten :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s got a real big cheesy dumb smile, it’s full of character!

Does that jaw really work? Would be incredible given the size…!

How’s it going with sticking to the rubber mask? What adhesive did you use to attach stuff to it?


Jaw works very well actually, the electronics work beautifully and are very water resistant to book.

Can’t give away all my secrets now can I, after all that’s what gives me the edge :slight_smile:


The edge in what? The highly competitive and cutthroat world of NZ LARPing?