So You Want To Make A Hogwarts Character?


Welcome back to another year at Hogwarts! Below you will find all the information needed to customise your own personal student and to make the character really your own.
Please note that character sheets can be submitted as just a word document. There doesn’t need to be any fancy forms or templates.
All things in this are by negotiation with the GM (i.e if you don’t have the Prerequisites to cast a certain spell, but there is a reason why you should know it, email the GM team at and we will sort it out for you. This is also where you submit your character sheet!)

Happy plotting!

How to Character Creation in 10 Easy Steps
1. Name: This is entirely up to the player, and won’t affect much of anything, unless you chose a pureblood family with a dark history or want history behind you name.

2. Year Level; At Hogwarts, naturally the older students are going to know more spells than you, so your year level effects that directly. This will be explained more below.
Your year level does also, however, affect the reputation you have with teacher. I.E a first year can’t do as many spells as a fifth year, but the teachers are more likely to be forgiving if a spell “accidentally” blows up a door, than a student they’ve known for years.
PLEASE NOTE: Any spells that the a teacher teaches at a game is added to your repertoire, should you have the prereq. skills or experience to purchase them. You could be learning multiple spells a lesson in subject you are talented in, so this limited set of spells is temporary.

3. House; Your House at Hogwarts should be chosen based of your character traits and sorted accordingly. (Having trouble? Message a GM for a roleplayed Sorting Ceremony.) The only difference this will make in game is the students you will be usually paired with, your common room and the House Spell that will be given. (See Houses in Character Creation File)

4. Bloodline/Family; If you are a Muggleborn or a Pureblood, please note this. Especially if you are from a dark wizarding family as this can cause plot between players as well and with NPCs.

5. Stats; These are the Prerequisites of a spell being casted. When a potion or spell is taught in class, the teacher will announce what the requirements of the spell are. If you have the stat makeup, then you do not have to spend any points learning the spell and pick it up naturally. If not, you must spend 10 points to be able to cast it. For each main subject: Charms, Potions, Transfigurationand D.A.D.A and Flying. students may have an ability of 1-4. These ability levels contribute to which spells you are able to cast and therefore, how well you are able to do in class and in combat/conflict.

First Years: 7 points
Second Years: 8 Points
Third Years: 9 points
Fourth Years: 10 Points
Fifth Year: 11 points
Sixth Years: 12 Points
Seventh Years; 13 Points

There are also other character properties that are given points values and allow certain magic to be carried out. Each character can have a value of 1-4 as before, and 12 points to spend on the following:

Memory: Allows use of more complicated-sounding spells.
Physique: Useful for flying, and spells involving spells with exploding/physical effects
Healing: Improves healing powers.
Magical Power: Important for spells requiring advanced emotional investment
Skill: Important for spell requiring high skill levels
Dark: For evil things, slytherins generally have more of this.

6. Choice of spells; Please list the ?/10 spells you have chosen from the list based on your year level. I.e A Sixth year has chosen 5 spells from the given list. You don’t need to worry about pre-req.s with these starting spells.

First and Second Years: 3 spells.
Third and Fourth Years: 4 Spells
Fifth and Sixth Years: 5 Spells
Seventh Years: 6 Spells

7. Race (Born/Adopted); Please list your race. If none of the given, put human.
For Half-races: If you parents are of note, list them
For Animagus: List if you are registered and when you first transformed
For Werewolf: List if birthright or turned and the circumstances.

PLEASE NOTE: Should you wish to be a Born and Adopted race (I.e A half-Goblin who is also a werewolf), contact a GM as soon as possible. This will take time to work out Mechanics-wise and to ensure it fits your backstory.
Also. These races must be discussed thoroughly with a GM. There are limited number of Non-human players allowed per race per game, so the sooner you submit, the sooner it can be confirmed.

8. Any items or equipment (specifically from previous games)

9. Any info. they have or plot your character is involved in (specifically from previous games)

10. A full backstory and anything you think the GM team needs to know about your character. This includes schools you may have transferred from etc.

You can find Transfer Schools, Races (both born and turned) and information about the houses here: … sp=sharing