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Here is the rule system for character creation. We have looked over this several times and had others review it, that doesn’t mean there aren’t gaps or changes that won’t be needed in future. If there are any changes made we will communicate them and change the version number.

Dry Spell GM Team

DrySpell-ADresdenFilesLarpActiverulesetv1.0.pdf (1.0 MB)


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Now I can start figuring out what kind of character I would like to play…


Thanks to all of your questions and comments we have updated the rules system with some clarifications in different areas. Version v1.1

Again if you have any questions please send them to


Dryspell Rules Change log - Main Changes


Clarified Race Skill requirements to be bought from initial experience
Additional wording changes and formatting for clarity
p6 - Clarified changelings eligibility to purchase Supernatural, Fae, and Human only skills. Stated what would happen when a changeling embraces their Fae or Human nature in regards to XP spent.
p7 - Added Fae receive Doors to the NeverNever for free
p8 - Clarified how White Court vampires feed and their weaknesses to true emotions.
p8 - Changed Red Court vampires requirement to purchase Strength 2 to Strength 1
p9 - Clarified prerequisites. Comma denotes “OR” or “EITHER”. “AND” denoted both.
p10 - Small changes to Stealth
p10 - Clarified Touch of Magic to giving you access to one area of magic
p11 - Change to Major Combat Magic
p11 - Removed Explosive Combat magic. Replaced with Vigorous Combat Magic
p13 - Changed requirements for Righteous
p13 - Clarified requirements for Bless this House
p13 - Strong willed, Steel Will - Clarified influence calls equate to seduction and charm
p15 - Added Minor Fae Magic
p17 - Added Magic Overview
p19 - Added expanded themes to Fae Magic
p19 - Added explanations of Thresholds
p21 to p22 - Clarified and updated rules for mechanical conflicts card system. Clarified interaction with Strength 1 and Brawler / Martial Arts
p22 - clarified base damage for Brawling, Melee, Ranged and Magic attacks
p25 - Added FAQ links for ruleset