Rules faq


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Q1: What is the difference between “not supernatural” (e.g. Righteous) and “human” (e.g. Bless This House)?

A: Human specifically refers to a race, while “not supernatural” encompasses all races not supernatural like Wizards and Humans and Changelings that have not become Fae.

Q2: I am a fae and want to be able to change my appearance. Should I take Shapeshifting so I can appear human, or should I take Fae Minor Magic, or Fae Veils?

A: As Fae you can appear in a particular human form. If you however wish to change your appearance then either Major Subtle magic or Shapeshifting will work. Each having their own advantages or disadvantages.

Q3: What is minor fae magic, and how does it work?

A: Minor Fae magic works in the same way as Wizards minor magic and has the same restrictions. Minor Fae Magic like Wizards magic is themed. Summer Court Fae Minor magic should be themed with ideals such as fire or warmth, as well hope, trust, or benevolance. Winter court on the other hand are opposite and would embrace ideas of cold or ice, despair, fear, or malevolance. The Wyldfae side with neither court or season. Their magic may include powers themed on Spring, Autumn, or even chaos, fate, and luck

Q4: Can Fae take combat magic?

A: No. Combat magic may only be taken by Wizards.

Q5: Are their any considerations to Fae breaking deals or oaths?

A: If a fae has made a deal, then they must honour it. Although Fae are tricky creatures and not unheard of twisting it to their advantage. Should a fae renege on a deal then they will either become weaker as their magic weakens, or at the very least lose standing or alliances amongst the fae or other supernatural creatures.

Q6: I want my character to have claws. What should I do and what skill should I take?

A: To represent claws you will need to take either create a foam prosthetic (much like a glove with some foam claws) and use weapons as the skill, or if you want to not physrep, then taking fists/martial arts is the next option. Note in either case you will need a reasonable way of explaining these.

Primarily this is to reinforce the safety aspect of brawling

Q7: Are we playing in an alternative timeline where prohibition is in force in 1937?

A: No. Not really. Prohibition has indeed been removed, but that doesn’t preclude the underground nature of some alcohol trafficking to avoid taxes, or embargo.

Q8: What does a “Changeling may take skills from most areas” mean?

A: In short a Changeling is a creature that is neither human or Fae, but at once has the potential to be one or the other. Changelings may take Supernatural or Fae skills, as well as Human (mundane otr Human only) skills. However should the Changeling journey down one path over the other, they may find their skills waning or gone once the final choice is made.

Q9: What are schools of Magic

A: This is a holdover from a previous ruleset. They should now be referred to as Areas of Magic and encompass Combat, Subtle, Mind, Scrying, Oracle, and Death magic.

Q10: What does Elemental Magic come under?

A: Elemental can cover any as per your style. It is more a theme to your magic than a particular area. Throwing fireballs would come under combat magic, where as some subtle magic could use the mists to explain cloaking of a group of people.

Q11: For the purposes of the Will skills, which abilities specifically are influences? Are charm/seduction and fear abilities separate or are they also influences?

A: Charm and Seduction are influences. Where as Intimidation or Fear is a separate category and is covered by things like Fearless and Steel Will.

Q12: Can I use minor magic to gain a bonus to damage?

A: No. This is an error and a carryover from our Flagship. Minor magic may not be used to modify the amount of damage in any capacity.

Q13: Does a red Court Vampire need to buy Strength 1 as well as Strength 2 at Character creation.

A: Yes. That is the current case. In the next revision this will be changed to requiring strength 1, but can buy up to Strength 3.

Q14: Occupation gives you an income equal to wealth 1. Does that mean I can use it as a prerequisite to Own property, or would I need to also buy Wealth 1

A: Occupation is a separate skill with it’s own advantages and drawbacks. It cannot be used as a prerequisite for Own Property. You would need to buy Wealth 1 in that instance.

Q15: If my character has Strength 1 and also Martial Arts/Brawler, Expert weapons, does that mean I would get to draw 3 cards instead of 2?

A: In short, no. This will be made clearer in the revision of the rules, but these benefits do not stack in that way. If you are disadvantaged in some way (much like being unskilled), then you may ignore one such penalty

Q16: Can Changelings become Wizards when they become Human?

A: No. Changelings can access magic via the specific Fae skills as you note, but to take Touch of Magic you must be a Wizard, which is a separate race to Human.

Q17: Can a changeling with access to minor magic through Fae Scrying etc, take Wizards Sight since they have a soul and minor magic?

A: A changeling with access to minor magic could take wizards sight, but they are more likely to take fae sight as a skill which is mechanically the same in game.

Q18: What kind of level should a flaw be?

A: A flaw should be something that poses a real detriment to your character. It should be something that consistently hampers their life in real and meaningful ways. Flaws aren’t nuisances or easily solved and are expected to in some cases define parts of your characters story. There is no grading or limit to the scope, but at a minimum they should make your life harder. Perhaps your character has been the subject of an identity theft which has left them unable to get work, or has them mistaken by thugs in town, or perhaps they were in an accident as a kid and mangled their leg in a combine harvester. The sky’s the limit.

Q19: Can a Werewolf change into a creature other than a wolf, say a bat or another creature with wings and fly away from combat?

A: In very rare circumstances you could choose another animal to which you are a Theriomorph (shapechanger), but this form would not give you any mechanical advantage and would need to be human size. We might reconsider if you could phys rep the flight :wink:

Q20: Do you need to be shifted as a werewolf to use your supernatural strength and abilities.

A: No, not specifically by the rules, although that would certainly be thematic and would be required if you wanted to utilise a bite or claw attack that was intrinsic to the form etc.

Q21: Does Strength 1 mean I can use fists or weapons without penalty? If so does that mean I can take bigger is better without taking the prerequisites because strength 1 says I am skilled?

A: Strength 1 means you may treat Strength related tasks as skilled. That means you draw one card rather than 2 and take the worst. For cinematic combat it means you could use a weapon and not act like you don’t know what you are doing. While Strength 1 says you are skilled, it does not count as a prerequisite and so you could not take Bigger is Better unless you had advanced guns or expert weapons

Q22: Do the Strength 2 and Strength 3 bonuses to damage stack?

A: No, the bonus from Strength replaces the bonus from Strength 2