##Are women allowed to be Knights (also Wizards, etc)?
Yes. In Arthurian Legend there is even precedent for having female Knights. The same answer applies to anything in the game; nothing is meant to be confined to one sex or the other.

##How close will this come to the source material?
Well the campaign is designed to allow player actions to determine which quests are available, and when, and even to determine the success or failure of such quests. Though there will be the option for things to turn out how they turn out in legend, this is only one option. If a group of players want to set up an evil cabal and overthrow Arthur, I’m not going to stop them; it is up to other players to stop such things.

##Will this only be run in Auckland?
No. I intend for there to be day games in at least Hamilton and Wellington. Player run games (such as with Crucible) will be encouraged and the GM Team will endeavour to work with the players to provide something both unique but that also fits into the overall vision of the Legacy.

##These Master Level Talents; it says there may be other ways of gaining these outside of the once yearly event, can you expand on that?
Players will be permitted to go out of their way to achieve one of these Master Level Talents by setting up, running, and succeeding at some epic task in an event. Acquiring a scroll with Master Level Spell for example might be relatively easy, but learning that spell might require 5-10 other casters to assist you. Alternatively a Knight might wish to enhance his/her Power or Fighting skills, and would perhaps need to overcome a dangerous foe, for which he/she would likely need other Knights to keep the greeblies off their back while they fight the big bad.

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