Quest Waikato

I got a morningstar. Not really a thrusty weapon. So not nancy-ish. Although I mean technically you could thrust with a “real” morningstar, you would have to be very vigourous to penetrate flesh with it. Very vigourous.


Hi Questors…
Are there plans for a larp on the 29/30th of March? There will be a couple of Germans in town at that time & I think we should show them some hospitality in the form of a larp game? They’re keen if everyone else is keen… I’ll be happy to put something simple together if you’re not available Alista?


I’ve noticed the Quest Waikato site is down… any reason Alista?

Where is the quest site?

It appears to be out of commission… no idea why though…

So is there anywhere to go for the rules?

nope, hard copy other than the non working website

If you know what you’re after, google it and follow the little cached link that google creates…

Cool. thanks. Please note that these are Quest Lite rules at the addres. A character made under these rules can play in a standard game, but they won’t have the full choice of skills, spells etc. They do show the flavour of the game though.

The website is down for an indeterminant amount of time due to financial constraints and the fact thet the opposition LRP in Hamilton is already having a huge adverse effect on Quest in Hamilton. I might put it on a free site in the near future.

What opposition larp? Vampire games? Can’t be Knightshade cause thats not even functional yet… I’m still in drumming up support mode, I don’t even have any contact with existing players even! I’m still fielding questions from people wanting to play Quest even ie. Dylan.
I still can’t see why other larp would be competitive anyways, Quest runs on Sundays monthly & I plan to run bi-monthly at best. That and I’ll aim for the beginning or middle of months to avoid conflict.

Just to clarify: the gear that nzLARPS provided for Knightshade is also intended to be used by our associates too. i.e. Quest Waikato.

Jared, would it be possible for you to compile a list of the gear you took down to Hamilton ?

Alista, nzLARPS has webspace that’s available to use by affiliates and projects, if you’d like to have the Quest site back online.

Short answer, yes. I will tackle that over the weekend I think.
I was thinking that a post on diatribes as to the contents of the library would also be useful.
I’m contemplating a method of uniquely identifying gear from the nzlarps library for that purpose also.
It was my intention to have this gear available to ALL Waikato larps.

Simple NZLARPS branding/etching on items would likely be the best bet - I can give you a hand with the catalogue if you like as we also need to see what upkeep is needed.
If I’m reading things correctly, the gear remains property of NZLARPS itself? We’ll also need to look at storage.

Gear remains property of nzLARPS, yes (except the stuff that Derek gave you, that’s a gift, I think) and so it’s available to all projects and affiliates of nzLARPS in the region.

Anything supplied with nzlarps funds or borrowed from nzlarps Orkland library remains the property of nzlarps. The agreement is that they will fund & supply us providing we make it available to all Waikato/Hamilton Larps.
And that we will add to it & maintain it.

After seeing the throw-away axes etc used by the crew I also have some great ideas for supplying newcomers with cheap gear. It won’t last years but at $5-10 per item I think it’ll be fine. I think that plus come cheap t tunics, robes, ckloaks etc would make great starter kits for new players.
I was also suprised at the durabilty of a cardboard tube axe, something which could be made more durable with slight changes to materials & insanely easy to make.

It’s worth scoping out where the discount fabric stores are for soft kit - Wolfgang acquired 84m of fabric for $225 (averaging at just over $2.50 a metre!)

really, where? were there any shiny ones? (not in what you bought, but in the store). my dancing skirts take 6-8m fabric each and usually we wear 2-3 of them, so it adds up really quickly. (sorry, bit off topic there). i’m always looking for cheap shiny fabrics.

Magpie in training.

Thanks for the offer Anna. Probably take you up on that. JUst email the stuff to you.

As to the other stuff, interesting, but probably better on the Hamilton threads

Seems there’s different points of view on this. Originally, the plan was to make some stuff and gift it to QW. Then Knightshade came up and my understanding/interpretation was that the “gifting” transmogrified into “seeding” the Waikato gear library.

In practical terms I suspect it makes little difference since QW and KS will have full access to the gear.

Derek, do you have any thoughts ?