Policy for use of images on Diatribe


Hi folks,

Please don’t post irrelevant images such as image macros on Diatribe.

Diatribe is a forum for discussion of larp, it’s not a general-purpose chat forum where anything goes. We want our readers to be able to smoothly scroll through discussion without encountering large, usually irrelevant imagery. What our readers are most interested in are considered responses, not clichéd internet memes.

Also, please keep images in signatures to an absolute minimum, or remove them. People have to scroll past these images repeatedly. They break up the visual flow of discussion and because of the constant repetition they can become annoying. The best place for an image is in your avatar, so that it will appear on the left beside each of your posts.

This policy does not apply to useful images relating to larp, such as pictures of costumes & props, how-to guides, etc. Those are welcome, although it’s recommended to check that image sizes are under about 200 KB where possible, for the benefit of people reading Diatribe on their mobile phones. Larger images should be linked to rather than embedded, with a note about the size.

These are now official policies of the forum. As such I’ve added a clause “Please don’t post irrelevant images” to the Welcome to Diatribe post, in which Diatribe’s policies are listed.



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