Painting nerf guns

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Apropos of nothing in particular, I’ve been looking up how to paint my trust nerf hammershot. This tutorial is explicitly steampunk, but if you don’t stick the weird bits on and focus on painting in silver and brass then it shows the right method:

There’s also some German (?) guy with a more detailed video:


And if you’re lucky enough to still have a Buzz-Bee double-shot (I broke both of mine), here’s a guide. Saw them down and they make excellent coach guns:


Sadly, there is no decent painting guide for the Nerf Slingfire. But there is a guide to its innards (aimed at modders), which you will probably need if you take it to bits to paint it. There’s a lot of moving parts in there, and it looks really easy to mess up:

And if you’re wondering why you’d want to take it to bits, there’s a barrel extension which makes it look more like a Winchester 1866:


I think I’m in love


I’ve just grabbed a couple of Slingfires off trademe, and let me say that barrel extension is looking mighty tempting. They shoot real good though, and the aesthetics are a lot better than their successor the Scravenger.


a quick search can find 3d print barrel conversions, this person is recognized as one of the best according to my favourite youtube modder


Thingiverse has all sorts of extras, including cosmetic barrels and bigger cylinders (which wouldn’t be game-legal unless you had the right skills)


Via larpreddit, an example of what you can do to a slingfire with a barrel extension:

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