OOC musings and chit-chat

I’m looking forward to reading one of them! :crazy_face:

It only took 2 hours (on sunday) to write out, and now it’s in the post! The game is a foot!

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It looks like the first letters have begun arriving.

Finally sitting down to start writing, and I’ll admit I’m struggling a little with getting the ball rolling. What reasons are there to initiate a letter with someone you’ve never otherwise interacted with before?

(The option is always there, of course, to formulate a previous interaction, but I’m always nervous about effectively writing an event that another player character was there for.)

Introductions or inquiries are always good. But if you’re nervous about formulating previous interactions, you can always just ask the other player if (e.g.) reminiscing about your trip to Coney Island or the New York public library last month is OK.

Things are in the post! Fly my pretties fly!


Got my first letter yesterday, from a devoted fangirl!


I guess when NZ Post says three days they actually mean ten.

Still waiting for mine… :frowning:

I’m still working on mine (accursed busy-ness). Hopefully it will be in the post by the end of the week!

I just got a reply to my letter! Great letter, now I have a whole two weeks to think about something for august. But also two replies to write when the first letters come through.

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Woohoo, got my first one!

I’ll try to reply as fast as possible. There’s something I’ve got in mind that only works if I do it quickly…


Woo, sent two out just now!

I now have a huge pack of 98 envelopes to go through. I might start writing more letters per month just to try to make a dent in it.


Shame you’re in Auckland, I could use some of those… gnarf


Running larps means buying envelopes in hundred packs.

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Two letters in the letterbox two days! It’s happening… (I wish we had a party parrot icon)


I guess I should be working on this month’s paper over the next few days. if anyone wants anything in particular mentioned in it (ads, letters to the editor, upcoming expeditions, strange events etc) then please let me know.

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Gah. I’d have something! When do you need to know by?

Wednesday or Thursday?

…I’ll do my best.