Online LARPing?

Another genre idea:

Wizards talking via crystal balls. For full immersive effect, dress a whole room and your device up even though people on the other side won’t see it.


Ooooh. I might finally get the chance of playing a wizard!

Sounds like an Ars Magica larp that could work.

An international game that I just found online, starting April 1

A Wellington based game starting soon:

ETA rules:

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From larp-hall, @RobotPie is looking for players to run this in the near future:

Caution: may involve baking.

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And another one, which will be run over Discord:

I don’t really have time to play (still working + kids at home), but I’d totally love to see the TV show created!

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Speaking of ViewScream, there’s a bunch of new scenarios for it:

UK larper Steve Hatherley (of Freeform Games) has reviewed the original Viewscream here:

And Freeform Games have been quick to market:

A 15-year high-school reunion, in smallish-town America. Former students are gathering in the town’s main hotel, ahead of the big party tonight. But one of them, former prom queen Mikolette Lukanis, has been found murdered!

Everyone is being kept under lockdown in their individual hotel rooms, pending a full police investigation. High-school rivalries will re-emerge, old grudges and secrets will surface: along with a heady mix of present-day envy, betrayal, and lust.

Restock the minibar, put on your complementary terrycloth slippers, hang out the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign, and join the alumni of Holborrow High as they prepare for their Reunion with Death!

Its US$29 though. I’m seriously wondering whether to pick it up.

An actual online campaign: vikings in SPAAACCCEEEE!

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I was super excited, but it’s in the middle of my work day!

Contagion - format change due to Covid-19 - My after-action report is in there now

A guide to Discord for larpers is being shared over facebook today:

(But dammit, you have to install the app, rather than just use the browser)

An online Regency larp. Unfortunately, its on UK time:

A guide to designing, organising, running and playing digital larps:

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Online LARP-Community building convention. I shall probably pop in for at least some of it!

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That looks quite interesting. Looking at the timetable, there are guided discussions on “finding larps to run”, and on fostering collaboration across groups. And its on PST, so their evening sessions are our afternoons, which seems workable.

Via the Facebook “InterCon X” group, there’s a Discord Larp Bot. Documentation attached.

LARP Bot GM Guide Public.pdf (63.6 KB)